June 17, 2019
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What Folks are Saying: The Wisconsin Budget is a Winner

MADISON – The Wisconsin Budget is winning praise from all corners of the state. With the Joint Finance Committee recently wrapping up work on the state’s next two-year spending plan, here’s what folks are saying about the Republican budget that invests in infrastructure, our schools and universities, and protecting our most vulnerable while holding the line on taxes:

 “This budget funds the main priorities of our state without raising taxes on Wisconsin families. The governor claims his budget is the people’s budget but he’s ignoring the wishes of many Wisconsinites across the state.”


“I’m here to tell you that this is a good budget. It’s a really good budget. If you look at things like the capital budget and the bonding and the stuff that doesn’t necessarily interest people on the street, but ultimately puts the State of Wisconsin in a good position financially, that’s our job…and I think this budget does a really good job at that.”


“…Republicans on this committee took many of the ideas put forward by Gov. Evers. In fact, we probably spent more than we would have like, but that’s part of the compromise of legislating in a split government. This budget keeps our spending in check. In fact, growth in spending is within the rate of inflation, but also incorporates many of Gov. Evers’ priorities. That is a fact.”


“What we’re doing is investing in people, not programs. We’re not expanding welfare, that was the big concern.”


“Just left a meeting of school admins and board members at @CESA6. Gratified to hear so much support for the WI legislature’s education plan! Our JFC led by @rep89 and @SenDarling did a great job for our schools!”


“"I am pleased with today's action by the Joint Committee on Finance. It contains elements, that if adopted by the Legislature and the governor, will strengthen and support Wisconsin's justice system.”


“By adding positions for the crime labs, supporting the Division of Criminal Investigation, and authorizing DOJ to hire another Assistant AG who will prosecute sexual assault cases, the Joint Finance Committee has taken significant steps in the right direction.”


“It was interesting when I talked to the school folks and they saw the governor’s budget, at first they were excited, but then all of a sudden, it was like ‘that’s not realistic...’ After talking with them and talking about what we were looking at doing, they said, ‘this is realistic, this will help us immensely.”


“Every budget is about priorities. Rather than go spend-crazy with 3% unemployment, we have been strategic in our investments in education, workforce, healthcare, and more, all while holding the line on taxes.”


“Governor Evers’ budget included high spending and expanded welfare that used massive tax increases to pay for it – something that neither I nor the citizens of Dodge and Washington counties will stand for. The Republican led finance team removed these irresponsible proposals, and put forward a responsible budget that invest heavily in the things we know the citizens of Wisconsin value.”


“By reducing taxes by over $500 million in this budget, we’re going to continue to move in [the right] direction, we’re going to continue to be more competitive, we’re going to continue to rank hirer amongst the other states…”


“This tax cut is an investment in Wisconsin’s working families – without shifting the burden onto Wisconsin’s job creators. By keeping income and property taxes low, Republicans have shown that we are building on the progress made in Wisconsin the past eight years.”


“There’s so much to like about this budget… We gave roughly $500 million to our schools, increasing special education funding by 22%, which mirrors our Governor’s funding request he made as state Superintendent.”


“Over the last several months members of the committee have listened to the people across Wisconsin and made necessary changes to invest in priority issues without massive tax increases…This is a great budget for Wisconsin.”


“We’re deeply grateful for the support and partnership with the State of Wisconsin… Creating a dedicated facility focused on cancer research will transform the future of cancer research in Wisconsin and beyond.”


“Overall, this is a very good budget for Wisconsin, especially the rural communities I represent… We funded our priories and we did it within our means.”


“The Legislature entered this process with a health surplus thanks to our smart fiscal choices and a strong economy. The budget approved today by the Joint Finance Committte invests in core priorities like education, healthcare, and transportation while still cutting taxes for Wiscosinsin families.”


“We are very pleased that the Joint Finance Committee addressed the School Administrators Alliance’s top budget priorities in its state budget action.”


“I want to recognize the Joint Finance Committee for voting to approve $500 million in increased investments in public schools. The proposal addressed top priorities of the [Wisconsin Association of School Boards]…”


“The investments in our facilities forwarded by the Committee today will have significant impact on our students, faculty, and staff.”


“@UWEauClaire Class of 2023 says ‘Thank you to @GovEvers & State Legislature’ for support of a new science & health science building. Investing in #Wisconsin’s Future!”


“The historic investment in the Wisconsin Technical College System of $25 million over the biennium approved by the Joint Committee on Finance today represents a powerful statement of support for Wisconsin’s technical college students and the employers anxious to hire them.”


“The historic increase to personal care funding approved by lawmakers Tuesday acknowledges the value of in-home caregiving and responds to growing concerns about the stability of the personal care provider network. This funding will help personal care agencies recruit and retain personal care workers who provide in-home caregiving services to older adults and people with disabilities.


“We are truly grateful to the members of the Joint Finance Committee on Finance, Assembly and Senate leadership, and the many state legislators who heard our calls for help. Thank you for helping to address the workforce crisis our profession is facing and fighting to bring additional funding to the actual caregivers.”


“The [JFC] has provided a level of increase that will make a huge difference in our ability to meet the needs of the child victims of these cruel epidemics. The situation is urgent, and it’s critical that this funding remains in the budget. Our child welfare workers have a new hope that help is on its way!”

  • County Human Service Director


We are pleased to see several key priorities for Wisconsin farmers included in this proposed budget,” Gefvert said. “We appreciate the leadership from the members of the Joint Committee on Finance and our agriculture champions. We encourage Governor Evers to support the proposed funding for these agriculture programs.

“At a time when both Republicans and Democrats are publically discussing the need to address provider reimbursement rates in Medicaid, we are grateful that all wings of the state capitol were able to put proposals together that prioritize hospital reimbursement in this budget. Thank you for the action you are taking…”

  • Hospital Administrator, Northeast Wisconsin


“On behalf of the nearly 900 construction employers that make up ABC of Wisconsin, I think Joint Finance Committee Republicans for repealing prevailing wage and reinstating project labor agreement neutrality on public projects and right to work.”

“We are grateful to the members of the Joint Finance Committee for their vote last night to increase funding to several important public health programs. The WDA and its 3,100-plus members are dedicated to quality oral health care for every Wisconsin resident, and we believe that the choices made in this budget will lead to positive outcomes for more of those most in need.”

“We thank all sixteen members of the Joint Finance Committee for their recognition of and commitment to quality public library services.”

“Thank you again to the [Joint Finance] Committee for renewing their commitment to this study and Wisconsin’s Forest Products Industry. By pursuing a better understanding of where efficiencies can be gained, Wisconsin’s forest products industry will remain competitive and vibrant, while assuring the ecological, economic and social benefits of Wisconsin forests continue for future generations.”