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GBCI Report Findings Are Beyond Debate

After three years of independent architectural and operational analysis, the final report on Green Bay Correctional Institution (GBCI) is complete and its findings crystal clear. GBCI is too deteriorated to fix, and it's time to close it down.  For five years, I have have calling for GBCI to be closed, and to transfer it's ownership to the Village of Allouez for a $100 million economic development opportunity that would generate 1,000 new jobs and $1 million in taxes every year for the community.

With only a modest amount of assistance from Governor Evers next year, we can close this prison, save the state taxpayers over $100 million in operational and structural costs, produce a new economic driver for the community and add a historically significant and impressive structure to the many reasons to visit, work and live in Allouez. 


WLUK TV: Time to Close GBCI