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As we continue to navigate through this time I thank you for being an informed constituent of Wisconsin's 4th State Assembly District.


Back to School: How Much Are We Spending on


It’s that time of year again! Best of luck to all of the students heading into a new school year, and congratulations to the graduates who are heading into new and exciting things.

Our children's education remains a top priority for our state and the legislature. So, how much have we actually invested in K-12 in our local school districts over the last 10 years? Below is a chart that shares the budget data provided to us by each of the three public school districts in the 4th Assembly District.






Coal Pile Removal Bill Takes a Step Forward

Last week my bill to fund the removal of the coal piles from downtown Green Bay took another step forward when it passed the Senate committee on Natural Resources and Energy. This project has been a legislative priority of mine for a long time, and I look forward to the day it reaches the governor’s desk to be signed.


Protecting Wisconsin Taxpayers

Republicans in the Legislature developed a state budget that is reasonable, responsible and realistic and the latest fiscal estimates prove that. A report released by the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau shows that Wisconsin is expected to see a $1.7 BILLION surplus by the end of the current budget cycle!



We need your input!

Every 10 years, the legislature is responsible for updating Wisconsin’s district boundaries using the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau, as required by the Wisconsin Constitution. This data was recently made available by the federal government. Now it is time to update the boundaries, and we are looking for input! If you have an idea for the updated district maps, submit your plans here between September 1, 2021 and October 15, 2021: drawyourdistrictwisconsin.com.