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 Thank you for subscribing to my legislative e-update! This communication will outline what's happening in the Capitol and highlight my efforts while representing you and the state of Wisconsin. On occasion, I will also profile some of our great Green Bay area people and programs that make our community a better place. I hope you enjoy it!

 Expungement Reform 

 Last week the Assembly passed one of the most cost-effective workforce development bills in the history of Wisconsin. I could not be prouder to have voted for my bill on the floor. 

Next step is to get it passed in the Senate to get it on the Governor's desk to sign.

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Red and Blue Dialogue 

Red Blue Event2.jpg

 Earlier this month I was very happy to be a part of Millennial Action Project's Red & Blue Dialogue with Rep. Staush Gruszynski. There was a lot of positive bipartisan conversation around improving water quality in our state. 

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Annie Jackson Elementary Visits!

Annie Jackson Elementary 052119-2.jpg

I would like to thank Annie Jackson Elementary for visiting me yesterday! I hope your day at the State Capitol was very educational and come back anytime.