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Landmark Legislation for Sexual Assault Victims Signed Into Law

Earlier this week my bill to establish guidelines for the processing and storage of sexual assault kits became law. For decades, victims and criminal justice advocates have witnessed gross negligence and inactivity that led to a backlog of these kits and impeded justice from being served. This law will ensure that these kits, and these delicate situations, are handled with integrity and speed from now on.

Under the bill, when a health care professional collects evidence of a sexual assault, the victim will have the choice to report to law enforcement or not. If the victim chooses to report to law enforcement, the health care professional will notify law enforcement within 24 hours after collecting the sexual assault kit. The law enforcement agency then has 72 hours to collect the kit from the health care professional, and then has 14 days to send the kit to the state crime laboratories for analysis. After the kit has been processed it will be sent to a law enforcement agency and stored for 50 years.

For more information, here is an article about the bill: 



Survey Results Show Majority Support Eliminating Stadium District Board

Last month, I asked for feedback on my proposal to eliminate the Lambeau Field Stadium District Board. After analyzing the responses my office received, it is clear that Brown County residents support the effort to dissolve the District Board. The responses and comments my office received from the public will be used to amend the original proposal to best meet the community’s expectations. The goal of this bill is to strengthen and support one of northeast Wisconsin’s greatest assets, Lambeau Field, while giving control and oversight to those best suited to fit the community’s needs.


Have You Received a Blue Book Yet?

Have you received a copy of the 2021-22 Wisconsin Blue Book yet? A Blue Book is a fantastic resource to learn about Wisconsin's government, geography, history, and so much more. And, they're free! If you would like a Blue Book, email my office at Rep.Steffen@legis.wisconsin.gov with your name and mailing address, and we will mail one to you! If you are not a member of the 4th Assembly District, please feel free to reach out with your name and address and we will direct you to the correct contact!