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As we continue to navigate through this time I thank you for being an informed constituent of Wisconsin's 4th State Assembly District.

 Proposed Elimination of Lambeau Field Stadium District Board: What it Could Mean for You 

This week I released a rough draft proposal that would dissolve the Lambeau Field Stadium District Board, distribute its assets, and streamline the owner/renter relationship with the Stadium. This legislation would return idle taxpayer funds to the community and $45 million to Brown County taxpayers. The tax refund checks would equal no less than $600 per homeowner.

What I am proposing is to close down the Stadium District and return millions to the people of Brown County. What do you think of this idea? This legislation has not been introduced in Madison yet, as I want your feedback first to adjust it to what you want. Do you support the proposal? Do you oppose the proposal? How should the money be returned? I want to hear from YOU! Let me know directly what you want done with this unnecessary government program and the $81 million under its control.

To submit your comments and suggestions to me so I can add them to the legislation, please visit and fill out a quick, 5 question survey. 


Uncovered History

Have you heard about the remarkable discovery made by archaeologists in Wisconsin recently? A 1,200 year old canoe – yes, you read that right – was discovered in Lake Mendota in Madison earlier this year. This incredible vessel is the oldest intact boat ever found in the state of Wisconsin. Its creation has been credited to the Effigy Moundbuilders, ancestors of the modern Ho-Chunk Nation.

I am grateful to the Wisconsin Historical Society for giving me the opportunity to be among the first in the state to view this ancient artifact. This finding is very significant; nothing like this has ever been found before in the state. Congratulations to the divers and team at the Wisconsin Historical Society that made the discovery and safely recovered it from the lake.


Sexual Assault Kit Bill Passes Legislature

The bill I authored to prevent the backlog of unprocessed sexual assault kits passed the Assembly this week. This legislation provides a timeline for the processing of a sexual assault kit, which will streamline the process and make certain the kits are handled with urgency. AB 67 requires health care professionals to provide law enforcement with the evidence of a sexual assault, with the victim’s approval, and then requires the evidence to be sent to the state crime lab for analysis all within specific time constraints. This bill will ensure sexual assault kit cases are dealt with seriously and with careful attention.

Click the picture below to listen to my full speech on the bill.


Were You Late for Work on Monday?

In case you forgot, this last weekend was the start of Daylight Savings Time. While I’m still unclear on why losing an hour afternoon sunlight is a good thing, we need to do it. And, good luck to all of you who are like me and have yet to figure out how to adjust the microwave clock!