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 Thank you for subscribing to my legislative e-update! This communication will outline what's happening in the Capitol and highlight my efforts while representing you and the state of Wisconsin. On occasion, I will also profile some of our great Green Bay area people and programs that make our community a better place. I hope you enjoy it!

Port Expansion Bill Passes State Assembly

Yesterday, AB 325, a bill I authored relating to a harbor assistance grant for the city of Green Bay passed on the Assembly floor with bipartisan support.

I am excited and proud that my colleagues on both sides of the aisle helped me achieve this transformative opportunity for the city of Green Bay and all of Northeast WI. I am happy that Green Bay has been given this opportunity and I am looking forward to the continued support as the bill makes its way through the Senate.

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First Responder of the Year Award

 It was an honor to present the 4th Assembly District's First Responder of the Year Award to Joe Wesoloski. Joe is a Paid On Call (POC) Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for Ashwaubenon Department of Public Safety. Joe has worked as a POC for the past 23 years providing firefighting skills on any fire call as well as providing medical skills as an EMT at various rescue calls and special events. Joe is one of two Chief Officers in charge of 25 highly motivated and dedicated POC's and his leadership qualities are beyond reproach. 

Joe has selflessly given his time and talents to a community which prides itself on community service. He continuously strives to make this community a better place to live with his positive and infectious attitude that carries over to the men and women that supervises.
I would like to thank Joe for everything he has done and will do and all the sacrifices he has made during his long career. 
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