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Clean Water Initiatives

Last week, my office received the final report of the Speaker's Task Force on Water Quality. The task force held 14 public hearings around the state last year. Members heard testimony from more than 70 stakeholder groups and hundreds of citizens. The report contained comprehensive recommendations, including 13 pieces of legislation that will be considered in the Assembly over the next few months.

Clean Water.png
The legislation creates a new state office of water quality, establishes funding for research, provides assistance to farmers to implement conservation practices, supports our county conservation departments, and creates additional tools for mapping and public education. The recommendations also address emerging contaminates and kick start the development of new programs in the UW System to equip our workforce with the unique skills needed to tackle our water quality challenges. 


Speaker's Task Force on Adoption

 On Wednesday, I voted to improve the adoption process. A package of eight bills from the Speaker’s Task Force on Adoption was approved in the Assembly. The legislation helps address the barriers facing biological and adoptive parents.



These bills help tackle the issues affecting an adoption with the overall goal to get kids into permanent, stable homes faster. The bills from the Speaker’s Task Force on Adoption now head to the Senate for consideration