Legislative Update

April 13, 2018

Important Reminder!
Please remember to take a minute to e-mail Allouez Village President Jim Rafter to let him know you support the Village Board’s efforts to provide $80 million in economic development to Allouez and $150 million in savings to the state through the decommissioning and re-location of the Green Bay Correctional Institution (GBCI). I outlined this project and effort in an update earlier this week and have summarized the main points of the project below.

Have your voice heard on this transformational project!
Let the Village of Allouez know you support their efforts!
Email Allouez Village President Jim Rafter at jrafter@villageofallouez.com

This initiative will take hundreds of supporters like you to get attention in Madison. Join in and help Allouez and Wisconsin!

Background on the GBCI Proposal
This session, I authored legislation that would decommission Green Bay Correctional Institution (GBCI) and relocate a new facility within the Green Bay area. The extensive deferred maintenance costs of GBCI coupled with its high operational costs due to its outdated design, need to be addressed. Closing GBCI and opting for a new facility in the surrounding, non-urban area could save the state an estimated $150 million over the next ten years, simply by avoiding the costly deferred maintenance at GBCI and through the reduced operational costs that a modernized facility would offer.

Additional Important Benefits
A new facility would provide a safer work environment for correctional staff and allow for greater programming and recidivism reduction opportunities for inmates.

What about the existing structure in Allouez?
The State Historical Society has been a very helpful and collaborative partner in the process of evaluating which structures and buildings require preservation, and which can be redeveloped. It is important to everyone involved that the historically significant structures are protected and preserved.

I encourage you to be a part of this transformational effort!
Have your voice be heard!

Want more information?
Contact my office any time for questions you might have regarding this project.

Click the photo above for a full video detailing the proposal.

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