Legislative Update

March 16, 2018

International Trade Conference

This weekend I have the unique opportunity to join a bipartisan delegation of Wisconsin Assembly representatives in attending an International Trade Legislative Conference in Québec City. The conference, which is being hosted by the National Assembly of Québec and the National Conference of State Legislatures is an opportunity for leaders from Canada, Mexico and the United States to join in discussions relating to the ongoing negotiations to renew the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Given Wisconsin's incredibly strong trade relationships with both Canada and Mexico, it is critical that we not only understand the NAFTA negotiations, but that Wisconsin's trade interests are well represented during these important discussions. As Chair of the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on International Affairs and Commerce, I am honored to be a part of the voice representing Wisconsin during this conference. Trade with Mexico and Canada is a significant part of our state's economy. Did you know that nearly half of our state's exports go to Mexico and Canada, and that roughly 250,000 Wisconsin jobs are supported by our trade activities with these two countries? Indeed, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ranks Wisconsin as one of the top states to suffer most, should the U.S. decide to withdraw from NAFTA. Clearly, it is critical that Wisconsin be well engaged in these ongoing discussions to ensure that our state's trade interests are well represented in the NAFTA negotiations being reviewed. You can check out my full press release on the conference, here.

Always Be Prepared

This week I met with students from King Elementary in Green Bay as part of the STEP program. STEP stands for Student Tools for Emergency Planning and focuses on teaching students how to prepare in case of a disaster, such as a flood, fire, blizzard, tornado, etc. I joined staff from Wisconsin Emergency Management and AT&T to talk with students about how to prepare a family emergency plan, emergency resources, and how to be a leader by helping family and friends be prepared. We finished off the program by distributing some emergency kit starter supplies, to help students in putting together their own kit to be better prepared if a disaster strikes. A big thanks to the students and teachers at King Elementary for sharing part of their day with me!

Congratulations, Green Bay Elks Lodge!

Can you believe that this week marked the 125th anniversary of the Green Bay Elks Lodge? What an amazing milestone. The work of the Green Bay Elks Lodge to serve and assist our community members, especially veterans and youth is truly invaluable. The Green Bay Elks Lodge has supported so many programs over the years that focus on developing strong leaders within our youth, honoring and preserving American history, and supporting our military men and women--and their efforts continue to grow! I'm grateful that our community is home to such an outstanding organization and want to extend my sincerest congratulations to the members of the Green Bay Elks Lodge on reaching 125 years of service!

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