Legislative Update

March 2, 2018

Travel Warning

As spring inches closer, I know many families and students are preparing for upcoming spring break trips. Mexican resorts are a top destination for these welcomed getaways, but recently these resorts have been in the headlines for serving illegal and tainted alcohol--which can cause blackouts, injury, and in the most severe cases, death. Recent reports have revealed more than 140 incidents of individuals consuming small amounts of alcohol while staying at a resort and soon after experiencing a blackout or becoming very ill. The Mexican government estimates that up to 36% of all alcohol in Mexico is produced illegally, which means it isn't manufactured under regulatory safeguards. Additionally, Mexican authorities recently seized thousands of gallons of illicit alcohol, some of which was laced with methanol, an incredibly dangerous combination. In my capacity as Chair of the Assembly Committee on International Affairs and Commerce, I penned a letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, urging the State Department to take immediate action to intervene and assist in reducing this dangerous threat, as well as to provide any and all assistance needed to US travelers who have fallen victim to these crimes while visiting Mexico.

I strongly warn that if you, or someone you know, will be visiting Mexico, please exercise extreme caution when considering whether to consume alcohol during your trip, especially tequila-based drinks--which many of the victims reportedly consumed before blacking out/becoming ill. As always, practice safe traveling, especially when visiting another country, make certain you have necessary resources in case of emergency, know and understand your travel insurance, and stick with a group whenever possible. You can check out my full press release on this important issue, by clicking here.

I am wishing everyone planning to partake in spring break travel a fun and SAFE trip!

Wisconsin Health Care Stability Plan

This week I had the opportunity to attend the bill signing ceremony for Senate Bill 770 which was held at St. Mary's hospital in Green Bay. SB 770 creates the Wisconsin Health Care Stability Plan (WIHSP), which involves a state reinsurance program and will work to stabilize skyrocketing costs of health care premiums in the individual market. Creating the WIHSP and a state-based reinsurance program are key components to ensuring that medical insurance in Wisconsin is accessible and affordable. This Plan not only focuses on stabilizing costs, but also incorporates coverage for those living with pre-existing conditions, a resolution that the Assembly passed earlier this session.


I recently had the honor of attending the Eagle Scout Court of Honor Ceremony for Jonathan Wilquet at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Green Bay. Having the opportunity to congratulate and recognize scouts who have reached the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout and who are truly such outstanding members of our community is one of my greatest honors as a State Representative. A lot of work and dedication to our community goes into achieving this rank and it is certainly something to be recognized. Congratulations to Jonathan!

If you or someone you know has recently achieved the rank of Eagle Scout and would like to be recognized, please contact my office. I would be honored to provide a citation celebrating this outstanding accomplishment.

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