Legislative Update

February 9, 2018

Setting Another Record

We recently learned that Wisconsin's unemployment rate has dipped to a historic low of just 3%. This week, we've learned of another record achievement for Wisconsin: a record high in exports to Mexico and China! Mexico and China make up two of the three top export destinations for Wisconsin, the other being Canada. These record increases in exports to Mexico (up 4.3%) and China (up 21.6%) along with healthy growth in exports to Canada (up 4.3%), resulted in a total increase in Wisconsin exports of 6.1%  from 2016 to 2017. This is certainly exciting news for our entire state as well as the many Wisconsin industries and businesses engaged in international export activity. Wisconsin's growth in export activity in 2017 helped it move up from 21st to 19th in the U.S. for total exports and 12th in the U.S. for agricultural exports. Wisconsin exports to over 200 countries and supplies a wide array of products including: electrical machinery, industrial machinery, paper products, dairy, eggs and is the number one U.S. exporter of products like cranberries, sweet corn, and armored vehicles. All this activity added up to $22.3 Billion in exported goods in 2017--certainly an impressive economic accomplishment! As the Chair of the Assembly Committee on International Affairs and Commerce, I am incredibly encouraged by our state's advancement in the international sphere and look forward to finding more ways we can continue to grow our international footprint. For more details on Wisconsin's 2017 export success, click here.

Thanks for Stopping By!

This week I had the pleasure of seeing lots of familiar faces down at the capitol, including folks from Heid Music in Green Bay. I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the importance of music education and all the great things that are happening at Heid! If you're ever in Madison and looking for a place to hang your hat, I hope you'll contact my office to set up a time to meet, whether it's to talk about a state-related issue of concern or simply to say hi. I'm always happy to hear when folks from home are stopping by.

Happy Birthday!

Did you know that this week marks the 108th birthday of the Boy Scouts of America? On February 8, 1910 William Dickson Boyce filed letters of incorporation and the Boy Scout program was officially organized! National Boy Scouts Day is a great opportunity to take time to recognize and celebrate the thousands of scouts and volunteers who work to improve our communities everyday. As a State Legislator, having the opportunity to honor and recognize scouts who have achieved the highest rank possible, Eagle Scout, is truly one of my biggest honors. I've have had the opportunity to attend a number of Court of Honor ceremonies during my time as a legislator; here is a flashback photo to one of my favorites. If you know of a scout in our community who recently achieved the Eagle Scout rank, let me know--I'd be happy to provide a citation recognizing their accomplishment!


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