Legislative Update

January 26, 2018

2018 State of the State Address

This week, Governor Walker delivered his 2018 State of the State address and highlighted many of the historic achievements in our state including: a record investment into our schools, historically low unemployment, and a top ranked health care system in our nation--just to name a few! But as he expressed in his address, there is so much more to be done in order to keep our state on its forward path. The Governor  identified several focal points in his "Ambitious Agenda," such as: education, economic and workforce development, welfare reform, and health care improvements. I am very encouraged by this agenda and look forward to putting in the work to help more Wisconsinites find their way into the workforce, ensure stability in our health care system, and make Wisconsin an even better state for businesses to open their doors. One issue I've personally focused on is finding new ways to continue investing in our students, which is why I am very pleased that the Governor's address maintained that increasing aid opportunities for our rural and low spending schools is a top priority. Providing our low spending schools additional revenue opportunities will directly assist schools within our community. I am continuing to lend my support and efforts to this important issue and look forward to continuing our focus on supporting successful students.

Click the picture above for a video clip of Rep. Steffen's statement on the 2018 State of the State address.

Supporting the Wisconsin Conservation Corps

On Tuesday, the Assembly held its second floor period for 2018 and took up a number of bipartisan bills, including Assembly Bill 688, which would reestablish the Wisconsin Conservation Corps (WCC) program. I am very proud to have co-sponsored this legislation  and this important program. The WCC works to help get our youth involved in conservation efforts by connecting them with employment opportunities that focus on protecting our public lands. The program operated from 1983-2003, after which it was eliminated due to budget constraints. AB 688 was overwhelmingly supported by the Assembly and will restart the WCC. Under this program, individuals aging from 16-25 are assigned to conservation projects which are funded through the National and Community Service Board and a project sponsor. This program engages our youth in conservation efforts throughout the state while helping to improve our public lands and parks--it truly is a win-win for Wisconsin. I am proud to have supported the efforts to bring this valuable program back!

Local Taxation and Funding Update

During previous updates I mentioned that I currently chair the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Local Taxation and Funding. This week, our subcommittee held its second meeting to gather additional input from committee members on ways we can simplify and improve our current system. I am very excited to be leading the efforts on identifying municipal funding sources and ways to reduce homeowner property taxes. A few of the items we've been reviewing include: modifying the Expenditure Restraint Program to ensure that the most fiscally responsible communities are eligible, reviewing levy limit restrictions to encourage fiscal responsibility, and identifying meaningful paths to reduce property taxes and tie local funding to a more sustainable source. Stay tuned for future updates!

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