Legislative Update

November 3, 2017

International Affairs and Commerce

This week I am very excited to announce that I have been named the Chair of the Assembly Committee on International Affairs and Commerce. This is a brand new committee and an exciting opportunity for the state of Wisconsin. The Committee will focus its efforts on fostering international investment opportunities in Wisconsin as well as advancing export opportunities for Wisconsin products and services. As the leader of this committee, I look forward to utilizing this opportunity to advance international trade, communication, tourism and investment in the state of Wisconsin. Expanding Wisconsin's role in international investment is a key component to future economic development.

Many of you may not know that, prior to my work as a State Representative, I served as the Director of Operations for the Legislative Leadership Institute Academy of Foreign Affairs. The Institute partners with the Irish American University to provide educational opportunities in international relations and policy. This position afforded me the opportunity to oversee operations of programs in several countries including: Ireland, Switzerland, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Rwanda. This experience further developed my growing knowledge and interest in international affairs and will serve as a solid foundation for my new role as the Chair of the Assembly International Affairs and Commerce Committee.

Many other states have already established similar committees, and I am incredibly excited to be overseeing the next step in ensuring that Wisconsin remains at the forefront of developing strong, effective international relationships and investments. I look forward to furthering Wisconsin's existing international relations as well as exploring new ones.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or questions regarding the International Affairs and Commerce Committee or my work as the Chair, I encourage you to contact my office!

Recognizing Wisconsin's Blind and Visually Impaired

This week the Assembly took up and passed a resolution I authored which recognizes the White Cane and what it means for those with visual impairments. In Wisconsin, roughly 100,000 individuals are living with vision loss/vision difficulty. The White Cane is a critical tool to enabling independence within the visually impaired community. This resolution is an important step in continuing to raise awareness of the incredible accomplishments and contributions made by Wisconsin's blind and visually impaired residents.

Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Day!



I recently had the opportunity to attend the Packers Hall of Fame, Inc., 50th Anniversary celebration. As a part of the celebration, I was able to present the resolution that I authored earlier this session, which declared October 21, 2017 as Packer Hall of Fame Day and recognized this exciting milestone. It is an honor to have such an outstanding organization representing our state and serving as a steward of  both Wisconsin and Packer history. Congratulations to the Hall of Fame on 50 years of success and best wishes for many, many more!


I recently received the Wisconsin Auto Collision Technicians Association Ltd. (WACTAL) award recognizing me for my work this session on legislation that will help update and streamline regulations impacting auto body repairs--allowing auto body workers to do their jobs more efficiently, which ultimately means better service for customers. Thank you for the kind recognition!

Curious about what I've been working on? You can check out the full list of legislation I've authored or co-authored here or by checking out my website at RepSteffen.com. As always, if there is a state-related issue of concern or interest to you, please contact my office at any time. I look forward to hearing from you!

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