Legislative Update

January 31, 2017

Here's What I've Been Working On For You!

I am proud to be serving the 4th Assembly District and I look forward to all of the great work we will accomplish in the legislature this year. I am optimistic about the future of Wisconsin for all of us and am hopeful that Wisconsin will continue to grow economically. I am here to serve as your representative here in Madison. Please feel free to contact my office at any time with any state-related issues of concern.

State Chamber of Commerce presents "Working for Wisconsin" Award!

On January 20th, I was honored to receive the prestigious “Working for Wisconsin” award from the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce Organization at the Valley Packaging Supply Company in Green Bay.

“During my first term as a State Representative, it was one of my top priorities to find ways to continue growing our state’s economy by ensuring Wisconsin is a place where businesses can thrive, jobs are being created, and new businesses are opening their doors. This session, I look forward to continuing with my efforts to promote pro-job legislation.”


Protecting Those who Protect Us

I am proud that one of the first pieces of legislation I will introduce this session is the “Blue Lives Matter” bill. This bill will strengthen Wisconsin’s resolve to support the Law Enforcement Community and help create a deterrent against committing a violent crime against a member of the Law Enforcement Community. To see my interview with WBAY 2, and to learn more about the bill, please click on the picture above.

State of the State Address

Click on the picture above for a video message from Rep. Steffen.           
Earlier this month Governor Walker delivered his seventh State of the State Address. The speech highlighted a number of ways in which our state has continued to move forward.
-Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in 15 years, with the 6th highest labor force participation rate in the United States.
-Wisconsin’s property taxes as a percentage of income are the lowest they have been since World War II.
Education Funding
-Wisconsin continues to have excellent public schools, with the 6th highest High School graduation rate in the nation.
-Wisconsin has the 4th highest ACT scores in the nation.
-The State of Wisconsin has invested over $18 Billion in transportation over the last 6 years. The upkeep and safety of our infrastructure system continues to be a priority.
-Wisconsin has the 10th lowest Health insurance costs in the nation.
- Wisconsin has one of the lowest percentage of people that are without insurance.


Law and Order


Authored 'Blue Lives Matter' legislation which strengthens Wisconsin's commitment to our law enforcement community by enhancing the penalty for crimes committed against law enforcement officers.


Authored legislation that assists police departments return K9 officers to duty by eliminating unnecessary and redundant regulations.

AB 28: This bill would correct an administrative oversight in the way that conceal carry licenses are renewed, so that the process is simplified.

Tax Reform

AB 26: This legislation assists Wisconsin’s small businesses through adjustments and simplification of tax filing requirements.

AB 24:  This bill will prohibit the requirement of project labor agreements for government contracts.

A proposal currently in drafting to benefit Cities, Villages and Towns with DOR requirements relating to tax incremental districts.

Find the full list of legislation Authored or Co-Authored by Rep. Steffen here!


State Agency News

The Wisconsin DNR has announced that early trout season will run from 5 am on January 7th to midnight on May 5th. More information can be found at the early trout season webpage.

The Wisconsin DNR is also reminding anglers to be careful when ice fishing to avoid any tragic accidents. For more information on ice fishing safety please refer to the DNR's website on ice safety.



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