4 On 4 Video Update

December 18, 2015

Here's What I've Been Working On For You!

(Proposals Authored or Co-Authored)

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Signed Into Law!

Pictured Above: Governor Scott Walker surrounded by Rep. David Steffen (right), Senator Rob Cowles (left) and Brown County elected officials as he signs the Lambeau Field Excess Sales Tax Act.

Now that legislation to return excess Lambeau Stadium sales tax has been signed into law, it's time to return this revenue back to our communities! On Monday, December 21, I will be joined by Department of Revenue Secretary Rick Chandler in announcing the final return amounts to Brown County and its communities. This check presentation event marks the final step the state must take in returning these funds, after which your local elected officials will take the lead. I strongly encourage you to reach out to your local leaders to express how you think these funds should be used, whether for tax levy related debt relief, property tax relief, or economic development.

Energy and Utilities Update

As you may know, I am the Vice-Chair of the Energy and Utilities Committee. As such, I have recently introduced legislation aimed at protecting our state's energy infrastructure, Assembly Bill 547. Everyday, we rely on our energy infrastructure to keep our lives and businesses running smoothly. Keeping our lights, heat, cooling, electricity etc. on is critical to public safety. AB 547 makes it a Class H felony to commit criminal damage or trespass to an energy utility provider with the intent to impair services. The impact associated with disrupting the services provided by our utilities is significant and can effectively disable large portions of our population. This bill ensures that our law adequately reflects the significance of crimes intended to disrupt these vital services. This week, AB 547 passed through the Energy and Utilities Committee. The bill is now available to be voted on by the full Assembly when we return next year.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!


The Christmas tree is up and decorated here at the state capitol. This year's tree was donated by Brad and Elizabeth Kowieski of Rhinelander, WI. The 40-foot balsam fir was planted by Brad on Arbor Day in 1985. Today, the tree stands beautifully in our capitol's rotunda and is decorated with ornaments that highlight Wisconsin Sports.

Law and Order


AB 5: Protecting witnesses from intimidation. 

AB 8: Creates a felony charge for taking pictures or videos of another's private areas without consent, "upskirting."

AB 10: Empower victims of domestic abuse to file restraining orders against perpetrators who live in another state.

AB 127 : Providing a penalty for the possession of vicious dogs by certain felony offenders.

AB 147: Creates a felony charge for a intentionally causing bodily harm to a judge, prosecutor or law enforcement officer.

AB 220: Establishing a mandatory minimum period of confinement in prison for a person who possesses a firearm or who uses a firearm to commit certain crimes after being convicted of committing certain violent felonies.

AB 305: Providing a penalty for the sale and use of fetal body parts.

AB 308: Providing an exemption from civil liability for forcibly entering a vehicle under certain circumstances.

Protecting the Environment

AB 15: Protect our Great Lakes through the phasing out of harmful microbeads used in manufacturing personal care and cosmetic items.

Supporting Our Businesses and Consumers

AB 11: Eliminates an outdated mandate for recycled content of newsprint in newspapers.

AB 18: Allowing liquor taste testing at certain retailers, levels the playing field with beer/wine tasting.

AB 143: Regulating transportation network companies, allowing expansion of ride-share options.

AB 398: Regulation of persons that own or operate dental practices.

Fighting Fraud

AB 212: Makes repeat unemployment insurance benefit fraudsters ineligible for UI benefits for seven years if they commit two acts of UI fraud.

AB 200: A waiver to limit the number of FoodShare replacement cards.

AB 188: Removing FoodShare benefits from an inactive account and expunging unused benefits after one year.

Supporting Veterans

AB 114: Providing a penalty for falsely claiming military service or honors.

Responsible Spending

AB 233: Elimination of sick leave for state senators and representatives.

AB 296: Distributing excess sales tax revenue collected by local professional football stadium district to Brown County and its municipalities.

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