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January 16, 2015


"If you remember nothing else, remember this: more people are working while fewer are unemployed."

-Gov. Scott Walker

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Capitol Highlights

Governor Walker Delivers State of the State Address

This week Governor Walker delivered his annual State of the State Address. In his address, Governor Walker emphasized Wisconsin's growing economy and increasing employment rate. Budget reforms reduced the tax burden felt by Wisconsin taxpayers by nearly $2 billion over the past four years. The state of Wisconsin is strong and the priorities Governor Walker outlined in his address including government reform and improving education will allow Wisconsin to continue growing. You can view the full address by visiting WisconsinEye.

Assembly Committee on Education: Public Hearing

The education committee met to hear testimony related to Assembly Bill 1, a bill aimed at providing a plan of action for improvement for schools that continually show low performance. The hearing drew much public input and revealed that changes to the original bill, including the removal of the Academic Review Board, are already in the making.

Joint Audit Committee: Public Hearing

The Joint Legislative Audit Committee held a hearing on Audit Report 14-14: Government Accountability Board. An audit released in December revealed the GAB had not completed certain statutorily required duties in a timely fashion and that there were inconsistencies in the handling of campaign finance, lobbying, and ethics laws violations.

Assembly Committee on Judiciary: Public Hearing

Last week the Assembly Committee on Judiciary held a public hearing on a number of bills including Assembly Bill 8, which would make the act of "upskirting" (taking photos of another's private areas without consent) a Class I felony. Judiciary also heard testimony on Assembly Joint Resolution 1, relating to the second consideration of a constitutional amendment that would direct the supreme court to elect the chief justice for a two year term. Each bill passed through the committee during an Executive Session this week.

In Other News...

WPS Foundation Offers Scholarships

Students living in the WPS service area who plan on attending technical or four year college programs can apply for a number of WPS scholarships. Application deadlines are fast approaching. Click here for more information.

Fish for Free!

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources would like you remind you that this weekend, January 17-18 you can fish anywhere in Wisconsin without a license or trout stamp. Visit the DNR website to learn more about rules that may apply and free fishing weekend events.

Energy-Saving Tips

Wisconsin's Focus on Energy program offers a number of energy saving tips to help keep your energy bill low this winter.

  • Install a programmable thermostat to automatically control temperature

  • Change furnace filters seasonally

  • Insulate your cold/hot water pipes at the water heater

  • Install Energy Star certified furnace, heat pump or boiler

  • Leave your shades open during the day to let the sun help heat your home

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