FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                  November 9, 2017

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Tusler Has Successful Fall Legislative Session

Parks Maintenance Funding and Domestic Violence Prevention Bills Pass Assembly

Madison, WI – Today, Representative Ron Tusler (R – Harrison) had five bills pass the State Assembly, including a bill to fund critical maintenance at state parks and two bills that address domestic violence.

“Today the State took an important step in combating domestic violence and protecting victims,” said Rep. Tusler. “Further, we voted to invest in and keep the Wisconsin State Parks System healthy and available for use by Wisconsinites and out-of-state tourists.”

Rep. Tusler authored two bills that combat domestic violence and protect victims. Assembly Bill 451, also known as the Uniform Recognition and Enforcement of Canadian Domestic Violence Protection Orders Act, allows law enforcement and Wisconsin courts to recognize and enforce domestic violence protection orders issued by Canadian Courts as if they were issued by a Wisconsin court. Under current law it is unclear whether courts and law enforcement would have the authority to recognize and otherwise enforce Canadian orders. The bill now waits for approval by the full Senate before signature by the Governor.

The second domestic violence prevention bill, Assembly Bill 581, allows members of the criminal justice system who may also be victims of domestic violence themselves to file for a restraining order in a county other than the one they work or reside in. Frequently, victims of domestic abuse do not seek help because they feel embarrassment or shame for reporting abuse. Members of the legal community who are also victims of abuse may feel greater intimidation seeking help because of the nature of a county’s small, tight-knit legal community. This bill awaits a hearing and vote in the Senate before it heads to the Governor.

The Parks Revitalization Act also passed the Assembly today. The bill appropriates up to $4.5 million towards repairs for “critical health and safety-related water infrastructure projects” within the state parks system, including new toilets and septic systems. The bill prioritizes projects in the State’s most-visited state parks, including High Cliff State Park in Calumet County. The Parks Revitalization Act now heads to the Governor for his signature.

A full list of bills authored by Rep. Tusler can be found here.