FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                            June 24, 2020

Contact: Representative Ron Tusler (608) 266-5831

Support for Our School Superintendents


Our school superintendents are about to be tested with the most difficult challenge of their careers. How do the school districts in the Fox Valley region meet our student’s educational needs and protect the districts from COVID-19?

Consider the difficult decisions that they must make to answer the call. How do I gather students in a bus while preventing one sick child from infecting a bus full of students?

How do we feed a group of children in our cafeterias? We know COVID-19 is contagious when students are near each other, sharing the same air.

How does my district achieve the test scores required by Wisconsin’s accountability requirements that produces school district grades?

How does a district protect itself financially from a COVID-19 disaster? Imagine the expense to a school if one sick child infected an entire schools’ teachers, staff, and students. The school could face 1000 lawsuits from one mistake.

How do they provide extracurricular activities like football or basketball when team sports mix large groups of players from different communities? Further, if a school superintendent chooses to close sports, they also might lost their athletes to a different district. That means that the state fund from that student goes to a different school.

Our school superintendents face a no-win situation. They risk everything with no easy answers. This message has been conveyed by my districts’ superintendents and the stakeholders who testified at the capital. As your state representative, I ask you to be slow to anger with the decisions of our school superintendents. Please show them the respect a public servant deserves.