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April 29, 2020

Representative Tusler Promotes Fiscal Responsibility in Office

Despite Increase in Calls and Work, Rep Tusler Choose Not to Hire Second Staff Member

Madison, WI – State Representative Ron Tusler (R-Harrison) leads the way in promoting fiscal responsibility. Despite the opportunity to hire additional allotted staff, Representative Tusler decided not to hire additional staff in March to save Wisconsin taxpayers when government needed savings the most.  

“Wisconsinites are tightening their belts in response to COVID-19. I need to tighten my expenses, too.  Every dollar my office spends is a dollar taxed.  It is a dollar that could be used for other state needs. I am proud to save Wisconsin taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars this year by providing the same services with half the staff.  We will do our best, despite the largest influx of constituent contacts in our office’s four year history.”

“I support Republicans’ call for a spending freeze to the second year of the Wisconsin biennial budget,” added Tusler. “Further, I appreciate Gov. Evers’ 5% reduction, too.  However, we need to do more to cut our expenses.  We need to find other opportunities to reduce our expenses.  If we do not, we will regret it next budget cycle. The people of Wisconsin expect their leaders to make tough choices and that is exactly what needs to happen.”