FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                         June 6, 2017

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Rep. Tusler Supports Assembly Plan For School Funding

Third District Schools Would Benefit Greatly

Madison, WI – Today, Representative Ron Tusler (R - Harrison) and Assembly Republicans unveiled their plan for K-12 Education funding in the state budget.

“Schools in the Third District stand to benefit greatly from the Assembly Education Budget,” said Rep. Tusler. “Under the Assembly Education Budget, Third District schools will receive $3.1 million more than under the Governor’s proposal, adding up to more than $7.3 million in new money over the biennium.”

Under the Assembly’s plan, every school district is guaranteed to receive more state aid than last year. The Brillion, Kimberly, Little Chute, and Stockbridge School Districts will receive $3,106,606 more in school aid under the Assembly Education Budget than under the Governor’s proposed budget. In total, Third District schools will receive $7,310,384 in new money over the biennium. Specifically, school districts would receive the following funding over the biennium:

School District


Proposed Funding

Above Base Budget


Proposed Funding Above Base Budget

Difference Between Assembly Proposal & Governor’s Proposal





Kimberly Area            




Little Chute Area        









Frugal, low-spending school districts were a main focus in the development of the Assembly Education Budget. Approximately 60% of K-12 students in Wisconsin attend a school in a school district with a levy limit below the statewide average of $9,960. Levy limits have kept frugal school districts locked into low spending limits that have not kept pace with the cost of education. This plan begins to address this problem.

This increased funding is possible with new expected revenues to top $1 billion in the next biennium. Under this plan, the net levy on a median value home would be $2,842; that is $10 less than today and $121 lower than in 2010.  Further, this plan frees up roughly $100M from the Governor’s proposed budget.

The Assembly proposal also limits buying-down school referenda. Currently, when a school district passes a referendum, the increased spending is proportionally shared with the state. This eases the burden on taxpayers around the state so individuals on one side of the state are not left paying for a referendum on the other side of the state.

“Overall, this plan is good for the Third District, good for Wisconsin taxpayers, and addresses the levy limit problem that leaves many school districts at a disadvantage,” Rep. Tusler said. “Our Assembly Education Budget brings much more state money into our district’s schools and lays the foundation for a more fair and beneficial funding formula.”

The Joint Finance Committee, comprised of members of the Assembly and Senate, will now debate whether to adopt the Assembly’s proposal. Currently, the Senate has announced no plan of their own for school funding.