FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                 March 24, 2021

Mayor Genrich Unwilling to Testify In Assembly Two Weeks after Demanding Invitation

“The City of Green Bay's attorney, Vanesa Chavez, offered to testify in the Assembly Campaigns and Elections Committee in Mayor Genrich's place. Chairwoman Janel Brandtjen repeatedly called and e-mailed Mayor Genrich last week, in response to Genrich's demand to testify.

"I called Eric and left him a message inviting him to speak," said Chairwoman Brandtjen. "As he was a former collogue in the Assembly, I wanted to give him a chance to explain these 2020 elections. I was more than disappointed when he refused. Quite frankly, I find it very hypocritical." 

Two weeks ago, Mayor Genrich dismissed the committee's work as nonsense. He stated that the hearings were one-sided, and that many of these issues could be easily explained. Yet, two weeks later, he refuses to testify, sending his taxpayer-funded attorney. 

Perhaps, the scathing testimony of former Brown County Clerk Sandy Juno, has Mayor Genrich rethinking. Juno testified that Genrich suppressed voters and made unnecessary COVID-19 risks in the April election. Further, she had harsh words for how Genrich edged out Green Bay's clerk in exchange for a Mark Zuckerberg funded advisor.

Genrich looks weak and ineffective to the committee that wishes to ask him a few questions in Madison. Perhaps, this committee will find out more than Genrich hopes they will next week.”