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Ron's Recap: May 8, 2020

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Wisconsinites want to work, but they also want to be safe. Nobody is assuming we will open all of Wisconsin at once. It should be a calculated approach. That is why several of my colleagues in the Wisconsin State Assembly are joining me in seeking a regional approach to re-open Wisconsin.

Our regional approach is not about declaring mission accomplished on COVID-19. It is about protecting small businesses and the citizens of Wisconsin.

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 Here to Serve You

The past three weeks, my office has received over 2,100 individual phone calls, e-mails, and Facebook comments from concerned residents from around the 3rd Assembly District. I have heard the voices of those concerned about the health impacts of COVID-19 and opening Wisconsin too early. I have also heard from countless individuals concerned about the implications of the shutdown and how their livelihoods will be affected, long after COVID-19 has passed.

My staff and I are working hard to make sure all of your voices are heard. Since the end of February, my office has been working with half the staff to save much-needed taxpayer dollars. I appreciate all your concerns, and as your state representative, I will do my very best to represent you.

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Small Business Week 

This week is Small Business Week and our local small businesses need our help more than ever! Local small businesses are run by your friends and neighbors in the community. Find and small businesses near you by clicking here or on the image below. #SupportLocal 

recent survey of businesses conducted by UW-Oshkosh found that 35% of businesses currently shut down will never reopen again if stay at home regulations continue.


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Fraud Alert! 

With so many people filing for unemployment, systems have been overwhelmed. This has prevented many people from filing their claims successfully.

Fraudsters are looking to "help." Be aware of anyone who targets you through phone calls, social media platforms or door-to-door visits. They are likely to ask for your personal information and use it to file fraudulent unemployment insurance claims.

The U.S. Department of labor has released this Unemployment Insurance Fraud Alert. If you would like to report an allegation, please contact the Office of Inspector General Hotline.

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COVID-19 Quick Links