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  • Speaker's Task Force on Water Quality

  • Paperfest in Kimberly

  • Traveling Water Exhibit in Little Chute

  • Updates from the DNR

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Ron's Recap: July 19, 2019  

High Cliff State Park stone.jpg

Visiting at High Cliff State Park 

During my last district day, I had the chance to talk with Jay Vosters, a Park Ranger at High Cliff State Park. We talked about some of the challenges facing High Cliff State Park and other state parks throughout Wisconsin, including the staff shortages and lack of spending authority to hire motivated LTE individuals.

I love our state parks. My great-grandfather, Gordon Bubolz, lead the effort to set aside many of Northeast Wisconsin’s state parks, including High Cliff State Park and the Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve. It is my goal to continue his legacy by preserving our treasured natural resources and parks.

Paperfest in Kimberly 

Paperfest is happening this Thursday through Saturday at Sunset Park in Kimberly! This community driven festival features live music, great food, sporting events, games, rides, family fun, and much more! Paperfest strengthens our community by utilizing the expertise of our volunteers and generosity of our great partners to bring the community together and have fun!

Paperfest is free and open to anyone who wishes to attend! Click here or on the image below for a complete schedule of activities at Paperfest. 

Paperfest 2019.jpg

 Speaker's Task Force on Water Quality

The Speaker's Task Force on Water Quality has been busy meeting at various locations throughout the state. Though I am not a member of the task force, I support the work they are doing and eagerly look forward to hearing about their findings. If you would like to learn more about the Speaker's Task Force on Water Quality, click here or on the image below. 


Traveling Water Exhibit in Little Chute

The Wisconsin Historical Society's "Great Lakes, Small Streams: How Water Shapes Wisconsin" exhibit is at the Little Chute Windmill until July 28th. The exhibit features sixteen museum-style panels, replica of historical documents, and items like 19th Century maps and black and white photos. 

The exhibit is open to the public during regularly scheduled hours at the Little Chute Windmill. Regular admission rates apply. 

If you are interested in find out more about the exhibit or the Little Chute Windmill, click here. 

Updates from the DNR  

  • The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is partnering with the Minnesota DNR in a public awareness campaign urging boaters to be aware of the risks and problems caused by excessive boat wakes.  Driven by a growing number of calls and complaints about excessive wakes, both states launched an educational effort urging people to "Own Your Wake - for everyone's sake” to spread the word about the importance of minimizing wakes that might pose a nuisance or hazard to others. 
  • Public comment is being sought on two proposed administrative code revisions aimed at assessing the overall health of lakes and streams in Wisconsin.  A public hearing for both rules is scheduled for Thursday, September 12th, and the comment period will run through September 20th.