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Ron's Recap: February 14, 2020

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Did you know, the last time Wisconsin added a new circuit court branch was 13 years ago? A lot has changed since then, and Wisconsin’s population has continued to grow. This has created a backlog of cases in many county courts, including Calumet County. This is why I proposed a bill (AB 470) that would permit the creation of up to 12 new circuit court branches, based on need as determined by the Director of State Courts. On Wednesday, my bill was voted out of the Joint Finance Committee and my bill has already passed the Assembly unanimously. I am hopeful this bill will be headed to a vote in the WI State Senate in the near future. If signed into law, Calumet County is well positioned to receive a new judge.


 Speaker's Task Force on Water Quality

This session, several Legislative Republicans and Democrats served on the Speaker's Task Force on Water Quality. The task force had one common goal: improve Wisconsin's water quality. They listened to more than 100 hours of testimony at 14 hearings throughout the state and heard from 70 different stakeholder groups.
I am proud of the proposals put forth by the Speaker’s Water Quality Task Force. These initiatives are an important step in the right direction to improving water quality in Wisconsin. 

Click here or on the image below to watch a brief video about my thoughts on a few specific proposals. 


Standing With Our Farmers

Wisconsin is home to nearly 65,000 farms and the agriculture industry contributes more than $100 billion annually to the state’s economy. Unfortunately, Wisconsin's dairy industry has struggled in recent years, losing an average of two farms a day.
On Monday, I was proud to stand with our farmers from across the state when legislative Republicans unveiled several new proposals aimed to help struggling farmers. One of the proposals would allow farmers and other sole proprietors to deduct the cost of health insurance from their property taxes.
In addition, new trade deals, like the USMCA, are expected to provide opportunities for increased exports.


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Marriage Officiant Bill Advances

This week, my bill, AB 359, took another step forward in the legislative process by passing unanimously in the Assembly via voice vote. This bill allows any justice or judge to officiate a wedding in Wisconsin, regardless of whether the justice or judge is of a “court of record." 
In 2007, a U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia could not officiate a Wisconsin wedding. While that ceremony had a happy ending thanks to some old-fashioned Wisconsin ingenuity and determination to ‘make it happen,’ this bill clears the way to make this aspect of wedding planning a bit less stressful.

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Constituent Spotlight

The Brillion News recently featured a great article featuring a car restoration enthusiast from Brillion. Jewel Meetz has been in the car restoration business for over 50 years! That's dedication! Congratulations to 50 years of business success, and I wish you many more years of progress in your future! 

Read the full article by clicking here or on the image below. 

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