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Ron's Recap: April 22, 2020 

In this special edition of Ron's Recap, I want to share the stories of your friends and neighbors. I have heard from hundreds of citizens in the last week. I understand the difficulties the safer at home order has caused, and what the extension will mean for your lifestyles, businesses, mental health, and overall well being. COVID-19 has brought disruptions to everyone. Hopefully, we can begin to re-open our state and begin to find a sense of normalcy again. 


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 Your COVID-19 Stories


I have spent the 40 + years in business and financial planning.

Our current lock down if extended thru May 26th will have a devastating effect on our economy.

This lock down has caused many small businesses to close temporarily and if kept locked down will cause failure foreclosure and bankruptcy. These small businesses have employed thousands of people with meaningful work. If closed for the next 6 to 8 weeks we will see

  •          Loss of jobs permanently
  •          Bankruptcy of a very important segment of the economy
  •          Complete capital loss including many owners’ residences
  •          Depression and suicide of major proportions.
  •          Most of the restaurant businesses are in VERY big trouble. 

A method of opening up less populated counties is needed.

A major Covid testing operation is essential to support opening up segments of the economy in a logical safe way.


People need to see that this economy was built over MANY years and yet it can be destroyed or set back many years of growth with just a few months of lock down. It will NOT rebound quickly.

 The loss in a month of shutdown might take a year or more to recover.

- Resident of Menasha

Dear Representative Tusler,

Wisconsin's unemployment claims were some of the highest in the nation when the recent numbers came out!

Small businesses are shuttering by the thousands across our state, and families and retirees are watching their retirements and life's work be destroyed in front of their eyes.

The fact is, we absolutely must prioritize the future of this state, the livelihoods of its families, our ability to provide for our own and the economic security of its workers while treating this virus.


- Resident of Brillion 


We've got to get WI open now! My brother-in-law is one of the pastors at a large church. He's being overloaded by calls from anxious, depressed and some suicidal people who are dealing with job loss, domestic abuse, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, business failure, financial ruin and a bleak future. My daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and niece are all nurses they tell me they are slow at work.
Business owners I've spoken with are all on the ropes and tell me they can't last much longer. Destroying our economy will not save lives but will create pain, suffering and unnecessary death. Please, get Governor Tony Evers to lift his safer at home order and save what’s left of Wisconsin.
- Resident of Little Chute

Dear Representative Tusler:

What is going on in this state? We are told this virus is a killer yet:

  1.  Hunters from Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa and any other state in the country can travel here today to hunt for turkeys. 
  2.   There are no travel restrictions to and from Wisconsin.
  3.   Airports, bus stations and train stations are all open.
  4.   Thousands of shoppers are going to grocery stores every day.
  5.   Hardware stores are experiencing record sales.
  6.   Golfers can now golf.
  7.   Liquor stores can’t keep their shelves stocked.

Taverns, restaurants and supper clubs have been effectively shut down since March 17th. Governor Evers and state government have done nothing to help. Instead, Governor Evers extends his Order until MAY 26th effectively putting thousands of us OUT OF BUSINESS. What will change between now and May 26th? There will still be no vaccine. Open business with restrictions that will work. 

70 days with no income!!!! Every one of you should experience the pain, uncertainty and fear we are all going through, or at the very least DO SOMETHING to help us before we all drown in debt and see our lifetime investment vanish.


 - Resident of Sherwood

Dear Representative Tusler,

Covid19 cases are flattening, trust in your small businesses to reopen safely now! We own a hair salon and have independent chair renters. There is no financial relief for our business since we have been mandated to shut down as we don’t have employees; rather our chair renters are independent professional contractors. I’m not asking for handouts, I’m asking you just reopen WI to small businesses including hair salons. We have had several people during this shutdown trying to get their hair done on the side which is illegal so we decline, however then these same people have another person who isn't a hair professional perform the hair service. Having clients go to a salon professional is the safest way as professional stylists are licensed, educated on safety and sanitation regulations. Trust in your small businesses including salons and reopen WI for small business now.

- Resident of Menasha

Representative Tusler,

I am writing due to great concern for my friends, family, and the entire state of Wisconsin. Over the past month, we have learned a lot about the Coronavirus. We are finding that while the virus is serious, it may not be the biggest threat to Wisconsin’s health. While I am fortunate that I am able to continue working through this, many of my friends are not. My wife’s employer was generously covering her wages for hours lost, but just this week they told employees they can no longer do that, and are having employees file for unemployment. She works in healthcare! I have great fear that if the State of Wisconsin does not start getting people back to work soon, we may never recover. The consequences of extending the safer at home order could be catastrophic as more and more businesses are forced to close, by no fault of their own. Handouts and government subsidies are not foundations of capitalism. Give businesses owners a chance, and please urge Governor Evers to re-open businesses in Wisconsin.

- Resident of Combined Locks

Rep. Tusler,

I’m writing to request your support in restoring our freedoms that are being shredded by our governor’s executive order, which has now been extended.

This is an outrageous abuse of power and an egregious violation of our civil liberties. An incredibly dangerous precedent has also been set, which paved the way for this to repeat itself at the governor’s discretion.

We cannot compromise the livelihood of an entire state (and nation) for a disease that has equaled 50% of the severity of the common influenza. As citizens of a free country, we are capable and willing to make our own health decisions. The ability to conduct legal business and enjoy the freedoms afforded to us in the Constitution cannot be revoked at the discretion of our governor.

I respectfully ask for your unwavering support in this.


 - Resident of Appleton

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