Rep. Ron Tusler's Legislative Accomplishments


In 2016, the people of the 3rd Assembly District elected me to represent their needs in Madison. Since then, I've tirelessly worked for the people of the 3rd District, fighting for them every step of the way. During my time in the Assembly, I have gotten 25 bills signed into law by both Republican and Democratic governors and only 1 veto.  

Below are a list of the bills I introduced and authored that were signed into law, including my one bill that was vetoed by Governor Evers. If you want to know more about a particular bill or Act (Law), including its yay/nay vote count, the testimony for/against, and its progress through the legislature, click the bill number or Act number to learn more. 





2021-2022 Legislative Session



Assembly Bill 834 – VETOED by Governor

No-Knock Search Warrants - Prohibits cities from banning the use of No-Knock Warrants by Law Enforcement



Assembly Bill 723 – Signed by Governor – Act 205

De Novo Review Reforms - Procedures for de novo review in actions affecting the family.



Assembly Bill 722 – Signed by Governor – Act 204

Stipulated Order Reforms - Stipulated orders before judgment in actions for divorce, annulment, or legal separation.



Senate Bill 566 – Signed by Governor – Act 258

ULC Omnibus Business Bill - Modernizes business statues, bringing Wisconsin in line with the Revised Uniform LLP Act and the Revised Uniform LLC Act



Assembly Bill 190 – Signed by Governor – Act 82

Reforms to Law Enforcement Standards Board - Responsibilities of the Law Enforcement Standards Board, modernizing it, giving them more power over disciplinary action against officers who violate policy. It also discloses possible violations and complaints to police departments recruiting around the state.



Assembly Bill 154 – Signed by Governor – Act 31

Hmong-Lao Veterans Day - Created Hmong-Lao Veterans Day



Senate Bill 85 – Signed by Governor – Act 28

Cyberstalking Protection Act - Updates Wisconsin’s stalking statues to explicitly clarify and ensure protection for victims of electronic stalking



Senate Bill 14 – Signed by Governor – Act 63

Marriage Officiant - Letting out-of-state judges and justices officiate weddings





2019-2020 Legislative Session



Senate Bill 68 – Signed by Governor – Act 16

Closes the Child Pornography Loophole - Defines “lewd exhibition of intimate parts” to include child erotica as child pornography



Assembly Bill 58 – Signed by Governor – Act 29

Notice of Claim - Changes the requirement for service of notice of claim for lawsuits against the State



Assembly Bill 59 – Signed by Governor – Act 30

E-Service Reform Act - Grants service of certain pleadings and other papers by electronic mail



Senate Bill 320 – Signed by Governor – Act 53

Salvage Title Reform Act - Establishes a process and a reasonable set of criteria for an insurer to follow to prove ownership of a totaled vehicle, if a policyholder fails to transfer the title within 30 days of receiving notice



Senate Bill 169 – Signed by Governor – Act 59

Incentivizing Wetland Mitigation - Incentivizes the creation of wetlands needed areas, as well as, requires mitigation to occur as close as possible to the location of a discharge



Senate Bill 70 – Signed by Governor – Act 111

Closes the Jailhouse Contraband Loophole - Updates definition of contraband and closes the loophole that criminals exploit to bring unwanted contraband into a Jail or prison without penalty or prosecution



Assembly Bill 470 – Signed by Governor – Act 184

Justice System Support Initiative - Adds 12 circuit court branches to be allocated by director of state courts. Calumet County received a 2nd Judge



2017-2018 Legislative Session




Assembly Bill 451 – Signed by Governor – Act 181

Uniform Recognition and Enforcement of Canadian Domestic Violence Protection Orders Act - Wisconsin will honor restraining orders granted in Canada



Assembly Bill 547 – Signed by Governor – Act 183

Wetland Mitigation Grant Program - Wetland mitigation credits must be purchased from a mitigation bank close to the filled wetland



Senate Bill 421 – Signed by Governor – Act 71

Parks Revitalization Act - Provides $4.5 million to State Parks critical to health and safety related water infrastructure projects


Assembly Bill 581 – Signed by Governor – Act 302

Change of Venue requirements for Domestic Abuse, Child Abuse, and Harassment Cases - If a defendant works within the county circuit court, the victim can seek a restraining order in another county



Senate Bill 339 – Signed by Governor – Act 199

Probation Revocation Huber Act - While awaiting a probation revocation hearing, an inmate can apply for Huber release to save their job.



Assembly Bill 518 – Signed by Governor – Act 303

Condominium Fees and Consumer Protections Act - Requires condominium associations to cooperate with the sale of assets and limits the fees they can require



Assembly Bill 668 – Signed by Governor – Act 301

State Park Bike Lights Act - Front and back lights are necessary when operating a bicycle in a state park



Assembly Bill 667 – Signed by Governor – Act 200

Wisconsin Uniform Law Commission Membership - If there is no qualifying legislature to fill a seat, the appointing body can appoint someone from outside the legislature


Assembly Bill 153 – Signed by Governor – Act 120

Recount Reform Act - A losing candidate can only demand a recount if the candidate is within 1% of the winning candidate









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