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Madison… The Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Ways and Means will have a new purpose and mission for the remainder of the 2017-19 session. Four new members have been added to the committee and four new subcommittees have been established with the intent to totally review Wisconsin’s tax code.

“This is an exciting time for tax reform,” said Rep. Macco. “Our economy is poised to expand by leaps and bounds, but we need to unshackle our taxpayers and businesses. We need a tax code that will boost economic growth, create an equal playing field and spur job creation across the state.”

The Four Subcommittees established are:

  • Subcommittee on Sales and Use Tax headed by Rep. Kevin Petersen
  • Subcommittee on Personal and Corporate Income Taxes headed by Rep. Bob Kulp
  • Subcommittee on Local Government Taxes and Funding headed by Rep. David Steffen
  • Subcommittee on Excise Taxes and Fees headed by Rep. Shannon Zimmerman


Each Subcommittee will execute on their mission statement by reporting each of the following:

  • History and purpose of taxation device
  • Current problems with taxation device
  • Solutions or possible changes to taxation device


Each subcommittee will then present their findings to the Assembly Ways and Means Committee and be combined to a comprehensive plan.

“We need to start thinking big when it comes to taxes,” continued Rep. Macco. “Our plan will be a revenue neutral approach that will revolutionize our state economy. The faster we can get this job done the faster we will have an economy equipped to allow 21st Century jobs, families and retirees to thrive in Wisconsin!”