Early Interventions Through Innovative Collaborations: La Crosse County’s Neighborhood Based Approach
February 7, 2018

Presentation Description: 

Learn how La Crosse County Human Services collaborated with community stakeholders to implement a successful preventative neighborhood-based social work program aimed at reducing entry into the child protection system. The La Crosse Area Family Collaborative (LAFC) is a partnership of local non-profits, faith organizations, schools, community stakeholders and governmental agencies. The LAFC strives to enhance the self-sufficiency of our community’s families. The model includes community social workers who are strategically located within neighborhoods. These highly experienced individuals work hand-in-hand with community leaders, teachers, clergy, police officers and other partners to identify and pro-actively engage at-risk families. They provide immediate assistance and serve as a navigator to a variety of supports that are available within the neighborhood and broader community. Their focus is on developing trusting relationships at the neighborhood level. Rather than offering help as a stranger, these workers approach children and families as a trusted neighborhood partner.

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La Crosse Area Family Collaborative PowerPoint Presentation