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Kathleen Vinehout, State Senator, Wisconsin District 31

Feature News

Economic Development $$$ Grow ~ Public Oversight Shrinks

(3/4/2015) “I’ve heard about the cuts,” the Buffalo County man said. “But this budget spends more. Who’s getting more money?”...READ MORE


"You have got to be kidding!"

“You have got to be kidding!” a Chippewa Valley advocate responded when I told her about a plan to potentially turn Family Care over to a for-profit insurance company.


Save SeniorCare, Again!

“Please do what you can to keep SeniorCare as is. It is critical to those of us on it.” wrote a rural Buffalo County woman.


State Budget: Take Time to Learn and Express Yourself

Recently the Governor made public his proposal for the state’s two-year budget. The day following his speech a Senate page brought around a hand-truck load of budget documents.


Governor’s Higher Ed Budget Cuts Bad for Wisconsin’s Future

My son got me thinking about the challenges our students face – competing in a global marketplace, changes in the economy, changes in technology. College has never been so important. Keeping colleges up-to-date costs money.


Statement on Governor Walker’s Budget Address

The Governor’s speech was long on campaign-speak and light on setails… What specifics we learned mean a tough road ahead for local schools, the UW and our children who will inherit increased state debt.


“Let’s Not Throw the Baby Out with the Bath Water”

GAB Audit Hearing shows path to improved operation.


“I Don’t Have A Clue”

School Play Mirrors Confusion in Assembly Education Committee.


LAB Fraud Hotline: Working to Stop Waste, Abuse and Mismanagement

“We waited and the ride never came,” said one disabled man. “I was so cold” another woman said. “They said the heater in the van didn’t work.”


Pay Attention ~ There’s a New Legislature in Session

On the first working day of 2015 a new group of freshman legislators began their work. Ordinary folks from ordinary lives receive a crash course in state services, agencies, budgeting and parliamentary procedure.

Kathleen speaking during a committee meeting.
Kathleen addresses her colleagues during Senate Session
Kathleen shares the impact of budget cuts on local schools during the Senate debate on the state budget.
Kathleen speaks on bills considered during the Senate Session.
Kathleen addresses the press.
Kathleen confers with Senate colleague Jennifer Shilling.
Senate Scholar Damin Hadorn-Papke from Eau Claire
Senate Scholar Mike Barton from Eau Claire

The State Budget

To add your name to the petition online, click above. To download a PDF version of the petition, CLICK HERE.






 Kathleen's Alternative State Budget


 Service Agency Memos