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Kathleen Vinehout, State Senator, Wisconsin District 31

Feature News

Let’s Debunk a Few Budget Myths

(4/22/2015) “I’m okay with the cuts,” the man wrote me. “It’s shameful to pass debt on to our children.” In the man’s message, he implies a common misconception about Wisconsin – there is no state debt....READ MORE


People Speak Out About Consequences of Budget Decisions

“This is not my cup of tea,” the farmer said quietly as he moved up to the microphone at the Eau Claire budget hearing.


Uber vs. Taxi Cabs: Is a Statewide Preemption of Local Laws a Good Idea?

Could a ride-sharing company known as Uber be in your future? Testimony from company lobbyists suggests we may soon see the San Francisco based app-driven ride-sharing company in rural Wisconsin.


Wisconsinites Speak Out to Save SeniorCare

“The people of Wisconsin told us in no uncertain terms, Save SeniorCare… People all over the state are calling on the legislature to preserve SeniorCare just as it is with no fee increase or limitations on enrollment.”


Details Buried Deep in Budget Affect Students and Voters

“I didn’t know that was a part of the state budget,” the parent told me.


Citizens Invited to State Budget Town Hall Meeting

The Town Hall is Thursday, April 9 from 6:30pm-8:30pm in Whitehall (Whitehall Elementary School – Commons, 19121 Hobson Street).


Advocacy Gives Voice to the Voiceless - Families Support Family Care and IRIS

I remember when I first met a man I’ll call ‘Ron’. He came to my office with his caregiver. He couldn’t speak but used a speech synthesizer and an iPad to introduce himself.


Farmers say Budget Damages Farm Research, Schools and Conservation Input

“It’s very important that we are here today,” the farmer from Independence told me. “In fact, it’s more important that we be here than anywhere else.” Here was in my Capitol office. Local farmers were visiting as part of Ag Day at the Capitol.


Legislative Season Brings Many Capitol Visitors

“I’ve never done this before,” the young woman told me. She came to my Capitol office for the first time to talk about issues important to her and her profession. She was one of about two-dozen groups that recently visited.


Wisconsin Needs Its Own Health Insurance Marketplace

“Hard-working Wisconsin families will lose health insurance premium credits if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the plaintiffs,” explained Vinehout. “Wisconsin can avert this crisis by creating its own state-based Marketplace.”

Kathleen speaking during a committee meeting.
Kathleen addresses her colleagues during Senate Session
Kathleen shares the impact of budget cuts on local schools during the Senate debate on the state budget.
Kathleen speaks on bills considered during the Senate Session.
Kathleen addresses the press.
Kathleen confers with Senate colleague Jennifer Shilling.
Senate Scholar Damin Hadorn-Papke from Eau Claire
Senate Scholar Mike Barton from Eau Claire


 Kathleen's Alternative State Budget


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