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Kathleen Vinehout, State Senator, Wisconsin District 31

Feature News

Health Advocates Inform and Challenge Lawmakers

(4/22/2014) "YOU are the reason why we were so successful…” Eric Borgerding of the Wisconsin Hospital Association told the health advocates. "You are extremely effective in communicating with and educating your legislators on local health care issues."...READ MORE


Our Children’s Future

I spent the morning sharing my life as state Senator with many intelligent, interested young adults. They were as eager to learn about public service as I was to share. Many of them never thought about a career as an elected official.


Legislative Committees play Key Oversight Role, Regardless of Season

“Will you be in Madison? I heard the Legislature went home,” the Buffalo County man asked. “I hope you are still watching over what’s happening down there.”


Do you Feel Safe at Home?

“Do you feel safe at home?” the nurse asked the woman. The nurse was helping to identify and protect those who may be at risk for domestic violence.


Window Closing for Health Insurance: Sign Up Now!

March 31st is the last day to sign up for Marketplace insurance coverage in 2014. If you don’t sign up now, you won’t be able to buy private health insurance for 2014 – even if you need insurance.


Lobbyists and Corporations 2; Voters 0

Should it be easier for lobbyists to contribute to campaigns? Should corporations spend more money to ask employees to make campaign contributions? Should Wisconsin limit early voting? Is there a lawmaker who has citizens clamoring for any of the above?


How a State Law Obstructed Reward for Teen’s Hard Work and Good Grades

Joel knew from the 8th grade he wanted to be valedictorian of his high school class. His cousin just graduated at the top of his class. Because of this achievement, the cousin received a scholarship.


Statement on the Actions of the Senate

“Senate Bill 324 makes absentee voting difficult for both urban and rural people.”


Statement on Committee Passage of Senate Bill 632

“This bill creates a legal quagmire for counties and towns who may not be able to stop a frac sand mine or regulate an existing mine...”


Sand Mine Bill Strips Local Powers, Community’s Ability to Say “No”

Should communities be able to prevent development of sand mines? Can communities set rules if sand mine operations are inadequate to protect nearby residents?

Kathleen speaking during a committee meeting.
Kathleen addresses her colleagues during Senate Session
Kathleen shares the impact of budget cuts on local schools during the Senate debate on the state budget.
Kathleen speaks on bills considered during the Senate Session.
Kathleen addresses the press.
Kathleen confers with Senate colleague Jennifer Shilling.
Senate Scholar Damin Hadorn-Papke from Eau Claire
Senate Scholar Mike Barton from Eau Claire

The State Budget





 Kathleen's Alternative State Budget


 Service Agency Memos