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Kathleen Vinehout, State Senator, Wisconsin District 31

Feature News

Serving Wisconsin: Retiring Senators Offer Wisdom

(12/9/2014) “There is a yearning outside the Capitol for common sense, cooperation and compromise,” Senator Tim Cullen told his fellow Senators. “You all know how to do this if you’ve been married for more than 15 days.”...READ MORE


Enjoy 100 Miles of Christmas

“It’s the holidays,” the Buffalo County man told me. “It’s time to enjoy all we have here.” This farmer will be joining many others who take time to travel the Great River Road during the Holiday Season.


Recent School Referenda Pass; Voters Show Strong Support for Local Schools

“I voted for the referendum,” the Mondovi woman told me. “I don’t have kids. I know it’s going to raise my property taxes. I don’t want to pay more, but I think we need to keep good schools.”


Audit Reminds Us: Retirement Funds Bear Careful Watching

More than one out of ten Wisconsinites participates in the Wisconsin’s Retirement System either as a current or former state or local government employee.


Deer Hunters Ask “What About that Private/Public Thing?”

“What happens if I have a public permit because I’m not rich enough to afford a private one?” the deer hunter asked me. “I shoot a deer and it runs across the road. There’s my deer. It’s not dead. But I don’t have a private permit to go get it.”


Voting? No Photo ID Required, Yet

“I haven’t voted in three years,” a Galesville fairgoer told me this summer. He leaned up against the pole barn at the Trempealeau County Fair and shoved his fingers in his pockets. “I don’t want to show up and be told I can’t vote.”


A Constitutional Amendment Will Not Solve Transportation Problems

“Tell us about the Transportation Constitutional Amendment,” the Eau Claire man asked.


Is Drug Testing Applicants for Public Programs a Wise Idea?

“If you require drug testing for unemployment insurance claims are you going to drug test farmers for crop insurance next?” the Colfax farmer asked the candidate.


New Studies: Sand Mines Place “Communities at Risk”

“What new information do we have about the mines?” the Eau Claire reporter asked me.


WEDC: New Audit Raises More Questions

The big question, did the agency successfully assist businesses in creating jobs, was not addressed in this audit. A companion audit last year reported there was no verification of claims of tens of thousands of jobs created.

Kathleen speaking during a committee meeting.
Kathleen addresses her colleagues during Senate Session
Kathleen shares the impact of budget cuts on local schools during the Senate debate on the state budget.
Kathleen speaks on bills considered during the Senate Session.
Kathleen addresses the press.
Kathleen confers with Senate colleague Jennifer Shilling.
Senate Scholar Damin Hadorn-Papke from Eau Claire
Senate Scholar Mike Barton from Eau Claire

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 Kathleen's Alternative State Budget


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