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Kathleen Vinehout, State Senator, Wisconsin District 31

Feature News

Our County Fair is a Celebration of How We All Work Together

(7/27/2016) “The Demolition Derby is ON!” a fair organizer told folks in the commercial building. “We have a three or four hour window in the weather and we are going to run the show.” Cars and trucks lined up for two miles waiting to get to the show....READ MORE


Saying “Good Bye” to Benjamin

“I make the promises and my staff keeps them,” said former state Senator Dale Schultz (R-Richland Center). I don’t know if Senator Schultz was the first to say this but his statement certainly describes the important role of Capitol staff.


UWEC and Local Business: A flourishing relationship worthy of investment

... The entire Chippewa Valley benefits from “the amazing culture of service in our Eau Claire businesses,” said University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Chancellor Jim Schmidt. “This is our culture at UWEC.”


Government Accountability Died the End of June

“It’s a great step backwards for the state,” Judge Barland said… the undoing the legislative majority’s changes to the GAB would be difficult and would need “the electorate as a whole to come to an understanding that what was done was wrong.”


Delight in the Sun!

“Don’t you want to sit in the shade?” my sister-in-law asked. “No” I replied. I love the sun. I understand why ancient civilizations worshiped the sun.


Don’t Click on that Email from the IRS!

Even though tax season is over, scammers are still using official looking emails to lure unsuspecting, honest taxpayers into their evil web.


Birth, Life and Death of a Bad Idea

“No one had any inkling this was happening,” Michael Blumenfeld told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “We are just scratching our heads. Why would you do this?” Mr. Blumenfeld spoke for the Wisconsin Family Care Association in early spring of 2015.


Audit Raises Questions About Clean Water Protection

We all drink water. We expect the water to be clean when it comes out of the facet. We also expect that someone is looking over the safety of our water.


How to Make Heads or Tails of Wisconsin's Finances

People want to know about the health of Wisconsin’s finances. As I began my research, I spoke with the State Auditor and the chief financial analyst, both of whom work for nonpartisan legislative support agencies.


School Funding Hits Home

What’s wrong with school funding? Explaining this to voters is difficult. Try explaining it to a ninth grader who is losing a favorite teacher. The teacher is not retiring. At 53 and after teaching for 29 years, he lost his job.

Kathleen met with Cari Fay Roesch, Erika Fay and Cecelia Kraus - constituent members of the Ho-Chunk Tribe who were advocating against a bill that would allow desecration of effigy mounds.
Senate Scholar Damin Hadorn-Papke from Eau Claire
Senate Scholar Mike Barton from Eau Claire
Kathleen shares the impact of budget cuts on local schools during the Senate debate on the state budget.
Kathleen speaks on bills considered during the Senate Session.
Kathleen addresses the press.
Kathleen confers with Senate colleague Jennifer Shilling.
Kathleen speaking during a committee meeting.
Kathleen addresses her colleagues during Senate Session


 Service Agency Memos


State Budget Town Hall Meetings


May 7​


​Ho Chunk Executive Office Building - Atrium
W9814 Airport Road – BLACK RIVER FALLS


May 14
(Thursday)  ​
​Alma Center-Humbird-Merrillan High School – Commons
124 South School Street – ALMA CENTER
May 21 (Thursday) 6:30pm-8:30pm

Prescott City Hall – City Council Chamber
800 Border Street - PRESCOTT


​May 23 (Saturday)

​Cochrane Village Hall
101-103 5th Street

​May 26

​L.E. Phillips Senior Center
Dining Room
1616 Bellinger Street – EAU CLAIRE

​May 26


​L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library
Eau Claire Room
400 Eau Claire Street – EAU CLAIRE

​May 27
​Arcadia High School - Auditorium
756 Raider Drive - ARCADIA
​May 28 (Thursday) ​6:30pm-8:30pm

Ellsworth Community High School – Cafetorium
323 Hillcrest Street - ELLSWORTH

​June 2 (Tuesday)
​The Roger Marten Community Center
120 South Franklin Street - MONDOVI

The public, local legislators and other elected officials are invited to participate.



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