June 9, 2011



"…an awesome power which must be respected and exercised appropriately."

(MADISON)  Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee), Senate Ranking Member of the Joint Committee on Finance, issued the following statement on the committee’s approval of Senate Bill 93, the Concealed Carry Law.

“Today the Finance committee approved Senate Bill 93, the concealed carry law for Wisconsin.  The amendment approved in committee today made significant improvements to the original amendment that was adopted earlier in the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

My two main concerns about the bill, permitting and training were added to this bill along with strong provisions that respect the rights of property owners, businesses, churches, and local governments to regulate the carrying of concealed weapons.  These provisions drastically improved the bill, which was necessary.  However there are numerous “holes” in the law which I hope the majority party will address before the floor vote.

I grew up around guns.  My mother took me to the shooting range, exercised her use of guns for recreations and protection and had beautiful pieces of art that were guns.  Guns should not be feared, in fact, shooting can be a fun sport.  Guns are machines with an awesome power which must be respected and exercised appropriately.  Guns are pieces of art, crafted just as cars, boats, other items we treasure, that must be cared for.  The concealed carry of guns must also be respected, exercised appropriately, and cared for.  A strong concealed carry law, which starts with the substitute amendment I voted for and further clarifications, can be a bipartisan effort I hope to support in the future.”

Taylor voted in favor of the adoption of the substitute amendment (SA 2-SB 93).