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130 South, State Capitol (608) 266-1627 - P.O. Box 7882, Madison, WI 53707-7882 - E-mail Senator Risser

Senator Risser and Rep. Mark Pocan at a press conference discussing their legislation to restore Collective Bargaining in Wisconsin.
Senator Risser meets with students from Crestwood Elementary School
Senator Risser visiting with his constituent, and current UW-Whitewater student, Latoya Allen who was presenting as part of the 10th Annual Posters in the Rotunda
Pleased to be Standing with Wisconsin Women and Planned Parenthood along with Representatives Sondy Pope, Terese Berceau, Brett Hulsey, and Dianne Hesselbein.
Access to Independence, Inc.’s Executive Director Dee Barnard and Assistant Director Jason Beloungy, during my recent tour of their new offices.

Senator Risser's Letter to Constituents
I want to thank my constituents for their overwhelming show of support for the stand that my fellow Democratic Senators and I are making to defend the rights of public workers, and all workers, to bargain collectively. We are also fighting to protect seniors and those with disabilities from drastic cuts in the programs and services they depend on for their well-being. 


I stand with you in solidarity in our fight for the very fabric of our communities and our society. 
We now know this struggle is not about the money. Public employee unions have offered many concessions to help solve the state’s fiscal crisis. However, the Governor has rebuffed all efforts to negotiate in good faith and reach a compromise.
My office has received thousands of phone calls and emails, not to mention the hundreds of people who have stopped by my office to offer their continued support for our efforts to stop Governor Walker and his allies. The words of encouragement and support are very much appreciated.
Finally, I am very proud that the protests and rallies in Madison have been peaceful and respectful.
Please feel free to send me your questions and comments about state issues via E-mail.  To expedite responses, please include your mailing address in any correspondence with my office.
I appreciate your interest in my web page and hope you enjoy your visit!



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