Senator Fitzgerald Statement on Passage of Senate Bill 44

 [Madison, WI]  This evening, the Wisconsin Senate passed Senate Bill 44, proposed legislation to implement Right to Work law in Wisconsin. Senator Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) released the following statement:

“Tonight, the State Senate took the momentous first step in making Wisconsin America’s 25th Right to Work State; I am proud that the Senate has led the charge on this vital issue, and commend my colleagues for their bravery and leadership.

Over recent months, supporters of the idea of Workplace Freedom have enumerated the many potential benefits to the state—more jobs, increased manufacturing output, and an overall better state business climate and stronger economy.

But the heart of this issue is a simple matter of individual freedom: this legislation will ensure that Wisconsin’s workers have the sole power to determine whether they wish to belong to or support a labor organization, and ensure that they cannot be punished for that decision in their workplace.”

The bill now goes to the Wisconsin State Assembly where it will be taken up in committee before being debated on the floor.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) represents the 13th Senate District, which covers portions of Dodge, Jefferson, Waukesha, Washington, Dane, and Columbia counties.