Agenda Items


Wisconsin Technical College System

Other Adopted Motions:

  • Motion #95 – Requires a person sitting on the Milwaukee Area Technical College district board have at least two years of experience managing a business 12-4
  • Motion #94 – Student fees for accident coverage 16-0
  • Motion #24 – Technical College age eligibility 16-0


Department of Military Affairs


Department of Veterans Affairs


Office of the Commissioner of Insurance


Board on Aging and Long-Term Care


Board for People with Developmental Disabilities

No papers prepared


Department of Health Services -Medical Assistance-  Administration


Up Next 

 The Joint Committee on Finance will meet in Executive Session on the 2015-17 biennial budget on Wednesday, April 22, 2015, at 10:00 a.m.  The meeting will be held in Room 412 East, State Capitol.  The Executive Session will be held on the budgets of the following agencies: 

  • Historical Society
  • Department of Natural Resources -- Fish, Wildlife, and Recreation
  • Department of Tourism
  • Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board
  • Fox River Navigational System Authority
  • State Fair Park
  • Department of Transportation -- Fund Condition
  • Department of Transportation -- Local Transportation Aid
  • Department of Transportation -- Local Transportation Assistance
  • Department of Transportation -- Motor Vehicles
  • Department of Transportation -- State Patrol
  • Department of Transportation -- Departmentwide