"In the late 1970s, globalization caused manufacturers in Midwestern states to close their doors, board up their windows, and move overseas. Many in Central and Western Wisconsin felt the sting of that shift, and some are still feeling the effects decades later. The situation is starting to shift, however. The time and economic conditions are right to bring manufacturing jobs back. Foxconn, a world leader in technological manufacturing, has chosen to invest in Wisconsin over several other states. I am voting to seize this opportunity and invest in Wisconsin's manufacturing base and the men and women in this state who make things and get the job done.


Here are the facts:

Foxconn plans to make a $10 billion investment in Wisconsin and construct a 1,000 acre facility

They could grow to employ as many as 13,000 people

10,000 construction workers would be employed for 4 years constructing the facility

Wisconsin would invest $200-$250 million per year in tax credits

The state is only incentivizing jobs that pay between $30,000 and $100,000 - middle class jobs

Wetland mitigation is set at 2-1 (the average state project only requires 1.2-1 mitigation"