Senator Moulton Introduces
Healthy Jobs Act
Senator Terry Moulton (R-Chippewa Falls) introduced the Healthy Jobs Act, which will allow small businesses to qualify for tax credits by implementing employee wellness programs.  Wellness programs help prevent chronic disease and control health-related costs, making more resources available for businesses to create jobs.
“Chronic diseases-- such as diabetes, obesity, stroke, cancer and heart disease-- continue to place a burden on our healthcare system and economy.  The upside is that these diseases are often linked to poor but changeable habits,” said Moulton.  “Programs that foster healthier eating and increased physical activity have been proven to reduce the chance of these chronic diseases while increasing general employee health and productivity.”
Under the proposal, a wellness program is defined as a health or fitness program that is provided with health risk assessments and includes one or more of the following programs or services: chronic disease prevention; weight management; stress management; work injury prevention program; health screenings; nutritional education; health or fitness incentive programs; vaccinations; and employee physical examinations.
The Healthy Jobs Act would make up to 30% of the amount that the business paid to provide a workplace wellness program to employees in Wisconsin available as a tax credit.  The tax credit, in addition to the health-care savings the program would provide, should free up capital for businesses to create new jobs here in Wisconsin.
“As Wisconsin continues its strong economic recovery, a program that lowers potential healthcare costs and frees up resources for small businesses to create more jobs for Wisconsin workers just makes sense.”