Frank was elected to the Wisconsin State Senate in 2010, and was elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly in 1994 and was reelected until 2008. One of his first accomplishments in the Assembly was stopping a major tax increase proposed by his own party, as well as voting for major property tax reductions and welfare reform. He is known as one of the strongest advocates of getting the state and local bureaucracy out of the way of business, so they can grow and add more workers. He was a strong advocate of lowering taxes and controlling government spending. He authored and brought the Taxpayer Bill of Rights to Wisconsin and pushed it across the state. Making it the largest issue outside of the state budget for two sessions.
The Taxpayers Bill of Rights requires referendum approval of all tax increases and for large spending increases. It has the effect of controlling the growth in government taxes and spending. This helps regular people keep more of what they earn and it helps businesses create jobs by allowing them to keep their costs down and reinvest more in their own growth.
Frank was a Town Chairman (which like the mayor of a city without as much staff) in the Town of Ledgeview from 1993 to 1997. Through his leadership, as chairman, the town experienced rapid growth. He led the effort for a major sewer expansion, an addition of a water tower and other infrastructure development. He also computerized all town functions as well as a complete up date of all town laws.
Frank is also a real estate broker. Prior to working in the legislature he worked in sales of manufacturing computer systems and was a supervisor of customer support for a Green Bay based insurance company. After leaving the legislature in 2009, Frank was a Senior Manager with Case New Holland Company, a manufacturer of construction equipment, farm implements and tractors.
Frank is married to Amy Joy Lasee and they have six wonderful daughters, who range in age from 9 to 18 and one smiley boy who will soon be 2 years old. Frank is a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.