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 May 12, 2016

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Wisconsin is Open for Business!

On Monday, Chief Executive magazine’s annual “Best State for Business” rankings were released and wouldn’t you know it, Wisconsin continues to climb upward, improving one spot from last year to finish as the 11th best state for business in 2016. Our regulatory reforms are working in Wisconsin and businesses across the country are taking note!

CEOs ranked states based on the friendliness of their tax and regulatory regime,
workforce quality, and living environment.

Their perspective is accurate! Wisconsin is a terrific state to live, work, and raise a family. And it will only get better as good paying companies move to Wisconsin to take advantage of our quality workforce and business friendly environment.
In fact, it’s already happening.
More people are working in Wisconsin than ever before, roughly 3,150,000 people, and our unemployment rate is almost reaching a 15 year low at 4.4%! The chart below, taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), shows Wisconsin’s upward climb since Republicans took over in 2010.

      2009-2016 Wisconsin Employment Trend

Democrats might feign loathing for conservative policies, but I’ll bet all the
newly employed workers are thankful to have a job!

Since 2010, when Republicans took over from Governor Jim Doyle and the Democrats, Wisconsin has moved up in the rankings every year – 30 places! Wisconsin’s recent rankings are as follows:

  • 2016 – 11th

  • 2015 – 12th

  • 2014 – 14th

  • 2013 – 17th

  • 2012 – 20th

  • 2011 –24th

  • 2010 – 41st

We’ve far surpassed Minnesota (Democrats’ gold standard) and rank as the 3rd best Midwestern state for business. Our neighbors rank: Iowa (17th), Minnesota (34th), Michigan (40th), and Illinois (48th).

It seems Wisconsin’s ranking was a tough pill to swallow for someone, maybe a jealous CEO from a neighboring state. In Wisconsin’s snapshot, a liberal commenter recited some Anti-Republican talking points from the Democrats: claiming that schools aren’t being funded, the environment’s not being protected, and local government control is being undermined. Given Wisconsin’s dramatic upward ascent (30 spots in six years!), it’s an amusing criticism. Let’s briefly address these tired liberal attacks:

  • School funding in Wisconsin has increased by hundreds of millions of dollars in both of the last two budgets and is higher than the national average and all of our neighbors in the Midwest (see for yourself on DPI’s website: here).

  • Wisconsin’s environment is among our greatest assets and continues to be protected by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and many other state and federal government agencies including the Army Corps of Engineers.

  • There’s two key words in “local government control” – government control! People should be free to live their lives without unwanted government intrusion and interference no matter if it’s local or otherwise.

Our federal government won’t pull anchor but Wisconsin has been reducing the drag since 2010!

Most regular folks don’t look to government to solve their every problem. Many Democrats have a different view of government and love to hammer Republicans for not creating enough jobs. The thing is, it’s not the role of government to create jobs, that’s socialism. The best government is one that facilitates an environment in which private businesses can thrive. Usually, that means getting out of the way.

That’s what we’re seeing in Wisconsin as we continue to become a better state for business every year, up to 11th best in 2016. This means more and better paying jobs for everyday working folks in Wisconsin. Let’s celebrate another year of good-government reform and break into the top ten next year!


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