We live in a region with a wealth of beautiful natural resources. I constantly feel blessed to live 365 days a year in a region that thousands will save for 351 days in order to vacation for two weeks. Northern Wisconsin is a special place.
However, more special than our landscapes are the people who live here. They maintain an ongoing commitment to caring for our neighbors and helping our community. They selflessly give of themselves to improve the lives of others. They practice the principle of being our brother’s keeper. They are citizens of all ages, professionals and volunteers whose value is measured in the effort they give to others.
There are hundreds if not thousands of citizens across northern Wisconsin whose dedication to fellow citizens deserves to be acknowledged. I hope to use this site to give some of them some recognition for their contribution to make northern Wisconsin a truly wonderful place to live. In sharing their stories we are reminded of the goodness of others that fill our lives and perhaps even more willing to give more ourselves to help our neighbors.
Please feel free to write and let me know of those special people in your community. I would be glad to include them in this site.