Steve and Tim Polencheck
This fall, Steve Polencheck and his brother Tim, head coach of the Mellen High School Baseball team decided to train together to walk a full marathon in order to raise money for their community. At 7:00am on October 24, the brothers left the Pizza Pub in Ashland and headed south on the 26.2 mile walk to the Last Call bar in Mellen. For last hour of their 9 hour trek, the Polencheck’s were joined by friends, family, and community members who formed a parade through their community to celebrate the brothers’ laudable feat.
Tim and Steve hoped to earn $3,000 to finance new uniforms and equipment for the high school baseball team. Any money raised over $3,000 would be given to the Mellen Cancer/Diabetes fund, started by their sister, Terry Brendalen, upon their brother Corey’s death in 2005. By the time Tim and Steve reached Last Call bar in Mellen, they had raised over $4,000.
Steve and Tim Polencheck have demonstrated a real dedication to and love for their community in northern Wisconsin. It is through selfless actions like theirs that we maintain the tights bonds that keep us strong in the north and that constantly renew my pride in representing these citizens.