Sheila’s October 2011 Survey

Continuing to focus on creating jobs, one of the challenges currently facing job creators is access to capital to expand or upgrade facilities.  Given the challenges Wisconsin firms are experiencing in obtaining investment funds, would you support the creation of a state venture capital authority to assist Wisconsin-based businesses?
The State Senate recently created a special committee to review Wisconsin’s mining laws in response to renewed interest in mining iron ore in northern Wisconsin, which is already occurring in Minnesota and Michigan.  Studies estimate that a new mining venture could create as many as 1400 “direct mining jobs” that would provide an annual income of $83,000, including benefits, while generating $1.4 billion in state and local tax revenue.  Concerns with the impact of iron ore mining on wetlands and waterways have been raised by environmental groups and area Native American tribes.  Do you:
Legislation will soon be introduced that would require any bills that place a new requirement on local governments to be funded if there is a cost to that requirement.  Additionally, the legislation will require the State Legislature to review any laws that increase costs on local governments.  Do you support this proposal?
Legislation I authored with Rep. Erik Severson seeks to ensure regional representation on the UW Board of Regents by requiring a Regent to be appointed from each of Wisconsin’s eight Congressional districts.  This legislation has passed the State Senate on a bipartisan 25-7 vote and is now being considered by the State Assembly.  Do you support requiring regional representation on state boards?
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