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April 3, 2009

Jobs Task Force Holds
Roundtable in Western Wisconsin


Eau Claire, WI...Over forty regional business and community leaders representing tens-of-thousands of jobs in western Wisconsin participated in a roundtable discussion with state lawmakers.  Job providers from Osceola, Grantsburg, New Richmond, Somerset, Hudson, Baldwin, Menomonie, River Falls, and Prescott were some of those represented at the roundtable. 

The roundtable focused on how the state can be a partner to help jobs thrive in western Wisconsin. 

“At times like these, employers can not afford to suffer in silence.  We need to be engaged,” said Quentin Schultz, Owner and President of Biodiagnostics in River Falls.  “Taxes, health care policy, and regulations dictated by the state can hurt or help businesses.   Today’s discussion was a primer on what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided if our state’s economy is to get back on track.”

Republican state lawmakers are holding a number of roundtables throughout Wisconsin to hear directly from employers as they work to put forward a pro-job growth alternative.
“Quite frankly, the Senate Democratic-majority approach on job creation takes us in the wrong direction.  In a few short weeks, they have passed bills to increase costs to employers, raise taxes on job providers, and hamper credit to small businesses,” said State Senator Sheila Harsdorf (R – River Falls).  “It is business as usual that has not changed to meet our new economic realities.  The taskforce we put together in Eau Claire will build a foundation for new job-friendly policies.”

Harsdorf last month laid out a jobs initiative and helped organize the western Wisconsin jobs roundtable to focus on policy alternatives.

“We are not going to tax, spend, and borrow ourselves to economic prosperity,” said Harsdorf.   “It is even more alarming that area state Democratic lawmakers are now championing federal efforts on check card legislation.  The prospect of this legislation alone jeopardized as many as 800 jobs in Eau Claire alone.  The stakes are too high for working families in western Wisconsin to continue such a job killing agenda.”

Senators Harsdorf and Hopper

Photo: State Senators Sheila Harsdorf (R - River Falls) and Randy Hopper (R - Fond du Lac) conducted a Jobs Task Force with regional employers in Eau Claire. Over forty employers participated in the roundtable discussion to talk about how the state can help with job creation in Wisconsin.