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January 27, 2010

Harsdorf Comments on Governor’s State of the State


The challenges Wisconsin faces are great.   Unemployment is approaching 10%, multi-billion dollar state budget deficits persist, and economic growth lags.


While the federal government helped bailout Wisconsin government in the last budget cycle, state lawmakers are bound to be in an even more difficult position come next year. Instead of addressing state-spending issues head-on, the Governor continues to make promises that are unsustainable.   Decisions to overhaul and reform spending habits have fallen to the wayside, as the last budget bill added billions in new taxes that stifle private-sector job creation.


Wisconsin has tremendous assets that position us well for growth and prosperity.  Our educational system, our strong work ethic, and our natural resources give us great advantages.  But we need a government that will foster this economic growth by encouraging investment, not penalizing it; by practicing fiscal responsibility, not unsustainable spending; and living within the means of taxpayers, not taking more of their hard-earned money for growing government.


We have some tremendous challenges and there are no simple or easy solutions.  It is my hope that the Legislature and Governor can come together to create an environment where the private sector has the confidence and optimism to invest and grow the jobs that are essential in rebuilding our economy.