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May 30, 2008

Harsdorf Applauds Plummet of Meth Cases


St. Croix County, Madison...Meth cases have plummeted in western Wisconsin after an unprecedented cooperative effort by communities, judges, local law enforcement, and state officials over the past three years. Meth labs alone have decreased over 75% since 2003.

“St. Croix County was once ground zero for meth crime that was infiltrating our communities, destroying families, and escalating costs for taxpayers,” said State Senator Sheila Harsdorf, the lead author of the successful Crackdown of Meth Act passed in 2005. “This addictive and lethal drug is disastrous for those involved, their families and our communities. The work of local law enforcement and judges, coupled with innovative efforts such as drug courts and educational and rehabilitation campaigns, has led to remarkable progress.”

In 2005, there were 726 meth cases from 45 counties sent to the state crime lab.   Over half of these cases were in the seven county region of St. Croix, Burnett, Polk, Barron, Dunn, Pierce and Eau Claire counties. 2007 meth cases reflect a nearly 50% decline statewide and 60% in western Wisconsin since 2005. 

“I applaud the hard work and cooperative effort of community leaders on this important issue,” said Harsdorf. “Our fight against this drug will not end, but the leaders on this issue in our communities have turned the tide.”