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October 26, 2007

Statement on Doyle veto abuse

Frankenstein Veto awakes for Halloween Trick

€œOnce again, Governor  Jim Doyle has abused his partial veto authority by cobbling together unrelated words and numbers to create altogether new sentences and laws that no legislator voted for.  This time, the Governor nearly doubled the allowable property tax increase and delayed the implementation of legislative review of Stewardship projects through use of the Frankenstein Veto.  Taxpayers looking for accountability will find none through this partial veto abuse.


As a gubernatorial candidate, Jim Doyle opposed the Frankenstein Veto on principle.  In practice, however, he has used it in unfathomable ways to increase government spending and taxes.


These Frankenstein Vetoes follow action in the 2005-07 state budget bill, wherein the Governor notoriously created a $427 million hole in the state€™s transportation fund, being repaid for in this budget by double-digit increases in vehicle registration fees and more borrowing on the taxpayers€™ dime.


Senate Democratic leadership should have acted earlier this year to pass a bipartisan bill to ban this particular veto.  The failure to do so continues to undermine accountability and destroys the integrity of the budget process.  It is up to Senate Democrats to schedule a vote so Wisconsin can kill the Frankenstein Veto.€