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December 12, 2007

Frankenstein Veto Ban Unanimously Passes Senate

(State Capitol Madison)...The Wisconsin State Senate voted 33-0 to ban the infamous Frankenstein Veto; wherein Governor Jim Doyle has cobbled together unrelated words to create new sentences and laws never passed by the state legislature. State Senator Sheila Harsdorf (R-River Falls) has led a bipartisan effort to prohibit this abuse of the partial veto.


"Perseverance for an important, yet simple, budget reform is very close to paying off," said Harsdorf.


The Frankenstein Veto has led to a $427 million dollar hole in the transportation fund and, most recently, tens-of-millions in higher property taxes.


"No legislator voted for such unilateral actions taken by the governor through creative sentence construction," said Harsdorf. "Banning the Frankenstein Veto will help restore accountability for Wisconsin Taxpayers."


Harsdorf noted that as a gubernatorial candidate in 2002, Doyle specifically supported prohibiting a governor from combining parts of two or more sentences to create new sentences and new laws. However, in 2005, Governor Doyle crossed out all but 20 words amongst 752 words to create an altogether new sentence that spent $427 million from the state's transportation fund never authorized by the legislature.


"I am confident voters will reject the mockery the Frankenstein Veto has made of our state's budget process," said Harsdorf. "This budget reform will help protect taxpayers, build a better democratic system, and restore voter confidence in state government."


The measure to ban the Frankenstein Veto was earlier approved by the STate Assembly in a 70-25 vote on February 1 this year. The statewide referendum approval needed to enact the ban will be scheduled during the nonpartisan April 2008 elections.