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UW System’s Growth Agenda Targets Efficiency and Value

The University of Wisconsin System has set accountability standards for their Growth Agenda in an effort to increase efficiency and improve quality.

A report completed by the UW System found that recent UW graduates are earning their degrees with fewer excess credits than their counterparts in the past. Total graduates system-wide has increased. Additionally, the percentage of students graduating within six years of initial enrollment has also improved by approximately five percent.

These goals have been accomplished as the UW System continues to work to control costs. The report indicates that the UW System’s administrative costs are over thirty percent less than our neighboring states’ systems. The UW System has also decreased energy consumption to reduce costs.

The UW System has also identified the need to continue expanding formal and informal partnerships with Wisconsin businesses, non-profits, local chambers of commerce, and governmental agencies. Partnerships are a critical link between relevant classroom learning and the needs of the changing workforce. A better trained workforce creates a stronger economy for Wisconsin.