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Superintendent’s Advisory Council on Rural Schools, Libraries, and Communities

The State Superintendent of Public Instruction’s Advisory Council on Rural Schools, Libraries, and Communities held their quarterly meeting recently in Turtle Lake. As a member of this Council, this is an opportunity to not only discuss some of the challenges facing rural schools and communities but also share information and success stories. Meeting highlights included:

Webster School District: Leaders in Community Partnership Career Training

Webster Superintendent Jim Erickson, teacher Roy Ward, student Cody Drier, and community member Chris Engler presented regarding Tiger Manufacturing, the partnership forged between the Webster School District and Nexen Group, Inc. The career training partnership involved the purchase of a wood cabinet-making machine, which allows students at Webster High School to gain experience making cabinets and use the proceeds from the sales to pay for the equipment. Partnerships like these are critical to provide students with real-world job training.

Technology Vital for Rural Educational Opportunities

Over 30,000 Wisconsin students attend over 1,500 events via video learning networks in a typical year. Technology enables Wisconsin students to extend their education to classes and events located virtually anywhere in the world. The top reason that students participate in online courses is because the course is not otherwise offered at their school. Access to technology continues to be a vital tool for rural schools as a vehicle to expand learning beyond the classroom. Free online resources are available for schools, including,, and