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Senate Passes Several Bills during Final Week of January

The winter floor period continued last month and the Senate passed several bills on January 26 and 28. Some of the bills passed include:

Senate Bill 415

This bill would require the owners of multi-family dwellings to install a carbon monoxide detector in the basement and on each floor level of the dwelling.

Assembly Bill 47

Certain felons convicted of violent crimes, crimes against children, felony drug offenses, and registered sex offenders would be prohibited from providing martial arts instruction to children under Assembly Bill 47.

Assembly Bill 236

Current law requires that high school students must have at least two credits of science to earn a high school diploma. Assembly Bill 236 would require a school board to consider courses in agriculture as a science credit as long as they meet established criteria by the Department of Public Instruction.

Senate Bill 271

Bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical compound used to harden plastics, would be banned for use in baby bottles and children’s spill-proof cups. Wisconsin would join Minnesota and Connecticut in banning BPA from children’s products. Similar federal action may be forthcoming, as the federal Food and Drug Administration recently expressed concerns about this compound’s health effects when leeched from plastics and ingested by children.

Senate Bill 415 and Assembly Bills 47 and 236 have now passed both houses of the Legislature and await the Governor’s signature before becoming law. Senate Bill 271 is now before the Assembly for consideration.