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Senate Committee to Consider Regents Bill

The Senate Committee on Agriculture and Higher Education will be holding a public hearing Tuesday on legislation seeking to ensure geographical representation on the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents. Currently, 12 of the 18 Regents are from the Madison or Milwaukee areas. Senate Bill 223 would divide the state into seven areas that must have at least one Regent reside within each of those areas. I am a co-sponsor of this legislation and have authored similar legislation in past sessions to establish regional representation on the Board of Regents.

As a member of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Higher Education, I look forward to the opportunity to hear testimony on the bill. I am hopeful that there will be support for moving the bill forward.

On Tuesday, the Committee will also hold a public hearing on two of Governor Doyle's appointments to the Board of Regents and legislation relating to the state’s food safety programs, the use of pesticides by veterinarians, and a proposal to establish a program to enable public school students interested in certain careers with the opportunity to speak with individuals that work in those fields.